YOGA is FREE every Sunday at 1:00PM

919 E. 29th Street, Suite C

Lawrence, KS 66046

Walk-ins are welcome!



Why Yoga?

Yoga is a non-competitive practice that accommodates people from all walks of life and in all conditions. From the beginner to the seasoned yogi, everyone can benefit from the combination of mental, physical and spiritual elements of yoga practice! 

But I like to train HARD!

Here at the Lab we always seek to challenge ourselves! And even though we may love the heavy weights, there is ALWAYS a time and place for slow, controlled movement, focused breathing and becoming centered in how your body moves and flows.  

Our yoga sessions are the perfect compliment to your hard training, heavy lifting or high endurance days.  It’s a chance to continue to challenge your body while allows your nerves and muscles to restore. 

What will you gain? 

No matter your age, physical condition, or coordination level, you will receive huge benefits from practicing yoga.

Reduce Stress/Lessen the Harmful Effects of Stress: yoga is a great stress-reducer for the body, mind and spirit. It also helps alleviate depression and fatigue. In a chaotic, fast-paced world it’s important to make sure we all take a little time to indulge ourselves – yoga is a great way to do something good for yourself.

Reduce Pain of Inflexible Joints: heal the pain of inflexible joints as you become more limber, to move with increased ease through your daily routine. Knees, wrists and ankles are key to our movement as we age and are also in jeopardy the most at becoming stiff and achy. Yoga can help turn back the clock to preserve the natural range of motion for more youthful, energetic bodies as we age.

Improve SPE Performance: Many athletes practice yoga to loosen tight muscles and increase range of motion. This is a fantastic workout for anyone wanting to develop a better athletic while keeping it in it low risk.

Discover your Inner Strength: While this is a physical workout, the meditative benefits are just as powerful and just as important to our overall physical and mental health. A regular practice of yoga increases mental focus and clarity as well as creating an overall sense of mental and physical well-being.


Come check out YOGA at the Underground Lab this Sunday! 

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