Why I Hate Mondays


Don’t call me Garfield, but I hate Mondays.

Now a lot of other people grumble when Monday comes calling too. No one really wants the weekend to end, and I get that.  Monday means work starts again.

But here’s a shocker for you – a lot of people are much bigger fans of Mondays than they’ll let you believe.

I might even say they cherish that day of the week.

Because you know how most people see Mondays?

As a restart.

Let’s say its Wednesday and you decide you’re going to start a new diet.  Super for you. Well, I’ll bet all my chips guessing you waited until Monday to start that new diet plan you were so gunghoe about.

Probably even made the weekend before one full of binges, over the top food and excess. Because that’s how most of us roll –

Diet starts Monday? Let me stuff my face with everything that’s not part of the plan!

So Monday arrives and you kick off the eating.  You meal prep, you fill up your containers and even remember to take them with you to work.  Alls going great!

And then maybe by thirsty Thursday, you start to ‘slip’ a tiny bit.  Your coworkers invite you out for happy hour or the sales rep brought in your favorite Chinese food for the office lunch.  But what’s one little cheat meal, you’ve had a few good days already.

And then tomorrow’s Friday. And that’s just one day before Satruday, the one day everyone’s supposed to cheat on their diets. So maybe just a few rolls with dinner on Friday or a beer after work.

Then Fat-erday arrives.  And the gluttonous day includes going out for dinner. And maybe a few drinks. And that rolls into even later drinks and pretty soon you’ve rolled right into Sunday (because who quits drinking at exactly midnight?),.

Now Sunday you probably feel exhausted and crappy – maybe a little bit hung over – and chicken and broccoli just isn’t gonna cut it. So you think, I’ll just eat what I want to day and start fresh again on Monday.

Hello Monday restart.

The problem happens when your Monday restart comes week after week instead of just occasionally.  When Monday is always a fresh start, the day to get back on course, what kind of plan are you really following?

The answer – a crappy ass one. Dieting from Monday-Wednesday just isn’t going to do much for your progress.

I hate Mondays because they are a mindset trap.  A quick and easy way to notice your mistakes and delay taking action to repair them.

You fell off the wagon on Thursday, but those darn Mondays give you 3 more day of garbage before you have to get back on track.  

We don’t always get do-overs in life. And we certainly can’t keep doing-over every week if we want to see real fitness results.

chew on this

Forget Mondays. Get out of your element. And quit relying on Mondays as your safety.

Do these two things instead:

1. Start Differently

Start a diet, meal plan, fitness program, whatever your new ideas are on another day of the week.

Choose Thursday.

Because when you start any new program, you’ve got a beginner’s motivation. That initial kick off always has some bit of thrill and excitement.  And you should use that toward your advantage.  The weekends are the hardest time for any person to follow a diet, so let your beginner’s motivation carry you through that first weekend. 

2. Cheat Differently

When you start to fall off the wagon, keep yourself from going ‘all in.’  You don’t slash the other three tires when one goes flat. So if you cheat, keep it a controlled cheat. Eat that one slice of cake – not three. Have the one drink, not 6. Have the cheat. Then be done with the cheat and get right back on course. Don’t let Thursdays beer turn into 5 days of binge eating.  

Plan when you cheat, write it down on your calendar and know exactly what you will have for that cheat.  Don’t leave it up to choice when you get to the restaurant. You’re surrounded by too many temptations to make a good choice.  Plan your cheat just like you plan the rest of your meals. 

The next time you start a diet – give those two strategies a try.  It’s going to be weird and different, yes, but can it keep you from using Mondays to start over and over and over again? Maybe – it’s worth a shot.

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