Why Can’t I Lose Weight?


And what could really be holding back your weight loss success.

There’s no quick fix for weight loss. It’s a process that takes effort and commitment and cruelest of all, time. Anyone that tells you otherwise is full of it. Because there are no diet pills, magic shakes or wish-granting genies that could get you your ideal body now.

Sorry Charlie, biology and physics work against you in that matter. You have to work for what you want.

You have to really want it. But you have to keep wanting it over and over again until is shifts your daily choices.

Here’s what I mean. When folks say they want to lose weight, they usually start with a big gusto. A huge amount of willpower and excitement. And they set up a nearly impossible schedule that’s gonna get them results (they think).

  • Alarm clock set at 4:00 am to get up and lose weightWake up at 4AM and weight train for 2 hours.
  • Don’t eat even a single carb.
  • Weigh out every morsel of food.
  • Get in an afternoon cardio session too.
  • Stretch for an hour every night.
  • Never drink alcohol.

They’re admirable goals, but unrealistic ones.

Because they’re only based off motivation.

The problem is – motivation isn’t going to last forever.   It eventually putters out. And what are you left with? Goals and plans that you can’t sustain.


A mindset shift that influences your daily discipline.

If you’ve been “trying to” lose weight for awhile now and haven’t seen results, take a good hard look in the mirror. Are you really all in for this goal?

Is your mindset ready to do what it takes?

Or are you still just relying on pure motivation? Staying inside your comfort zone, sticking to what you’ve always done and putting other values in front of your health and weight loss progress?

If you’re going in the opposite direction of your fitness goals, then you might need to re-evaluate your mindset. Are you really ready for the daily discipline to do what it takes? Or are you wishing and hoping you make it?

Where’s your mindset at?


Like I said in the beginning, weight loss isn’t a quick process. Transforming your body takes time and it takes energy. If your goal is truly to transform, then you have to be willing to commit for the long haul. To know you’ll have hills and valleys but you’ll keep going forward in your goals. You don’t have to postpone change while you wait for a magic weight loss pill to happen. Change can happen today and it can keep happing tomorrow. You just have to have the mindset for long term success.

Overweight woman sitting on a yoga mat meditation


I think every other day, a new diet, workout program or crazy other get-fit-quick concoction gets promoted through some infomercial. These new shiny objects promise results, but you know why all of these trendy machines or diets don’t make tomorrow’s news? Because they have no scientific merit. You see, scientific weight loss results aren’t quick. But they work. That’s the reason they stick around. The tried and true, eat better and strength train, is still around is because it works. Don’t let yourself fall for the newest and trendiest weight loss path. Because you’ll just waste your time and end up back at square one, searching for the answers science has already given us.


Sure, you might be a little overweight. Or not as strong as you want to be. So are you going to take responsibility and get to work to change it, or are you going to wallow in self-pity or blame other’s for setting you up for failure? The people that get results take responsibility. They acknowledge the mistakes they made in the past, they change the behaviors, they learn, they evolve and they eventually get results. Those that blame and wallow? They stay stuck, never changing. Who’s been holding you back?


Success comes to people who believe they are worthy of success.   If you aren’t going to love and care for yourself, who will? Weight loss is just as much an emotional journey as it is a physical one. It’s about proving that you can overcome barriers. You can create change. That you can grow into the person you want to become. But you have to know that you are worthy. That you are capable and that you deserve the best. If you let other people hold you down, tell you that you’ll never make it or dissuade you from your goals, you’re not going to move forward. Surround yourself with positive energy and make sure the most positive energy of all is radiating from yourself.


apple with a tape measure wrapped around itPeople don’t achieve greatness because they were without struggle or setbacks. They achieved greatness in spite of those setbacks. They overcame obstacles. And those times were influential in getting them to their goals. Weight loss happens in a process. It’s a journey over time, with highs and lows, obstacles and successes. And every time you get over a hurdle or cross a barrier, you’ve made huge strides in success. Strides that should be celebrated along the way. If you’re only focused on the destination, then as soon as that first barrier blocks your path, you’re bound to quit, turn around and go back to that comfort zone that keeps you unhappy and unfit. Find happiness and joy in the process. Celebrate along the way. And keep moving forward, even if you’ve got road blocks to pass.

Achieving any goal is about shifting your mindset. Recognizing what you value most and keeping that as a priority. Weight loss is no difference.

Real physical change comes from real mental change.

You aren’t weak minded. You’re just strong-minded in a direction opposite of your goals.

Road sign that says weight loss next exit

So if you really want to see fat loss, don’t rely on motivation only. It may be a good kick starter, but you also have to evaluate your mindset, your values and your daily discipline.

If you’ve been stuck in a mindset rut, then we can help. We created a free, 10-Day Mindset Momentum Jumpstart Guide to get you in the mindset for success. Each day gives you a new challenge or goal – one that will shift your mindset, create healthy daily habits and to show you that you can practice daily discipline to make it to the weight loss finish line.

Download your guide below to get back in the mindset for real weight loss success. To practice daily discipline that can truly transform your body.

Because motivation alone isn’t going to get you there.




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