What Is Your Health Worth?

what is your health worth

What Is Your Health Worth?

How much would you pay to lose 15 pounds instantly?

This question was posed to random, average people in a national survey.

And guess what the average going rate was for an instantly lighter bod??

About $650.

Quite a steal if you ask me.

In another poll, random people were asked this question:

How much would you pay to extend your life by 1 day?

Now there was no stipulation or explanation around this question. It didn’t say if you’d have a fun last day of life or a sucky one, if you’d be alone or surrounded by family. It was just about having one more day to live.

And the going rate for this?

Upwards of $10,000!

Seriously – people said they would pay tens of thousands of dollars for an extra day of life – not even knowing the quality of that day.

Now this got me thinking.

Maybe people are only willing to pay a crazy amount of cash for one more day alive because they know they’re going to be 6 feet under soon. They can’t take the cash with them so they might as well spend it now, right?

But what if the deal was this:

Pay the money now, right from your bank account, for one more day of life. But you have no idea when that one more day of life is going to happen.

It might be in 5 years. It might be in 50 years.

Do you think people would still put up tens of thousands of dollars today for that one single day sometime in the future?

I doubt it.

And here’s why.

Think back to that first question, how much would you pay to lose 15 pounds?

People were barely willing to break $500 for that.

BUT, for a lot of people, being 15 pounds lighter would actually extend their life. And by far more than just one day.

Now sure, just losing weight doesn’t guarantee better health – I know that. And since the question is super vague and there aren’t any explanations, I’m going to assume that losing 15 pounds also leads to better health. Maybe an incorrect assumption, but I’m rolling it.

In this case – we’re saying that 15 pounds lighter also means lower fat, healthier arteries, stronger bones, more energy, yada, yada, yada.

That means losing weight now means a longer life later.

But people only want to drop $650 for it today.

But if it’s at the end of their life, that value skyrockets.

chew on this what is your health worth

Why do we wait until it’s almost too late to invest in ourselves?

You could invest today in your health and reap the benefits for the next 40, 50 or 60 years!

And that’s not just a longer life – that’s a better quality life for the rest of your time here on this crazy Earth.

Better mood.

Higher body image.

Increase self-confidence.

More energy.

Less sickness.

And the benefits continue.

So doesn’t it make sense to invest in those now while you can enjoy them for years rather than wait until it’s too late?

My two cents worth:

I think we, as a society, are unwilling to invest in our health now because we think we shouldn’t need help.

If we really wanted to lose weight, we could go run a few miles each day.

If we really wanted to lower our cholesterol, we could follow a better diet.

If we really wanted to be healthier and live longer, we could make it happen.

But the unsurprising shocker: we don’t.

We have the luxury to think out of sight, out of mind.

But when we are finally faced with the reality – say lying on your death bed and getting asked the question if you want to pay ten grand for one more day – you don’t have that luxury.  You have to make the choice.

I challenge you this:

Don’t wait until you’re at the end of the rope to decide you should start climbing back up.

Don’t wait until you’re on your death bed to decide you want to live longer.

Don’t wait until you’re 100 pounds overweight to invest in a gym and a diet program.

Do it now, while you can still enjoy the benefits of your investment.



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