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7 Day Evolution – Week 6

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Who knew that sharing your feelings of gratitude could be so great for your health and waistline? Grateful people experience fewer aches and pains, report feeling healthier, and are more consistent with their workouts.

But feelings of gratefulness change more than just your fitness. Researchers show that feelings of gratitude reduce tons of toxic emotions, like envy, depression or frustration, and effectively increase happiness and self-esteem.

Those who regularly recognize what they’re grateful for reduce their social comparisons to others. Rather than being jealous of others for the positive things in their lives, gratefulness allows you to be happy for others and thankful for your own successes – rather than comparing yourself to them.

And studies show that feelings of gratefulness can actually improve your sleep and healthy eating habits. 

To cultivate your spirit of gratitude (and improve your mood, health and sleep), spend 5 minutes each morning or evening writing down what you are grateful for. If you need a boost in positivity throughout the day, look back at your past thoughts and reflect on those feelings of gratitude.

And if you want to take it a step further, share your grateful thoughts with your friends or family. Heck, even post them on social media with #EvoChallenge so we can also be happy through your gratefulness!

So for this week, spend 5 minutes each day writing in a gratitude journal. It’s only 7 days, how hard can it really be?





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