7 day evolution

7 Day Evolution – Week 12

7 day evolution morning workout



Sorry to all you Evo-ers that like to hit snooze a few times, roll through your morning routine like a zombie and finally wake up during your second cup of coffee at work.

We’re going to try and change that.

This week’s evolution challenge is to get your heart rate up first thing in the morning.

To get your workout in before your “real day” starts.

Here’s why this may be good for you –

  1. Even if you have an unproductive day at work, you can still feel accomplished because you already completed your workout.
  1. You will feel less stressed at work. Early morning exercises felt more relaxed and patient at work than the afternoon or evening gym-goers.
  1. Exercise can act as a natural stimulant so you may not need that second cup of coffee.
  1. It might motivate you to make healthier eating choices during your day. Researchers show that morning trainers are more likely to stick to their eating plan.
  1. You can start your day in a better mood. Even if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, the endorphins from your workout can boost your positivity.

Woman stopping her alarm clock to get up for a morning workout

Now – if you know you aren’t a morning person and you’ve never been able to have a challenging morning workout, you don’t have to completely shift your workout times.

Save your full workout for your regular afternoon or evening spot, but add a mini workout in the mornings.

  • Roll out of bed, straight into 50 pushups.
  • Add a 5 minute AMRAP before you take your morning shower.

The goal is to spike your heart rate early to get the same perks the morning gym-goers get.

And it might be hard to get out of bed a few minutes earlier, but it’s only 7 days. How hard can it really be?



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