7 day evolution

7 Day Evolution – Week 10

7 day evolution skip the dairy


Dairy (the kind from cows or other animals) may actually be a devil in disguise.

Sure, we always hear that it’s good for our bones. And yes, it’s true that it’s loaded with calcium. But researchers actually found that the calcium from animal dairy sources really isn’t that helpful for your bones – because we don’t absorb it well! And if that’s the main perk of dairy, then the downsides definitely outweigh the positives.

Dairy is highly insulinogenic – a fancy-pancy researcher word that means it spikes up your insulin levels and stops your fat burn.   And tons of dairy products even have added high fructose corn syrup! Really, corn starch in your milk? That’s not helping our health goals.

Not only does dairy cause digestive issues for those with lactose intolerance or IBS, but it actually causes issues for nearly half the population, we’re just so used to it that we ignore it. 

Dairy products can be chalked full of added hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics. And it’s even shown to contribute to allergies, sinus problems, ear infections, diabetes, constipation and anemia.

milk, cheese, yogurt pile of dairy good for youIt seems like our bodies weren’t designed to digest dairy on a regular basis. It may be more beneficial for your health to walk a cow rather than drink it’s milk.

Instead of relying on dairy for calcium, starting eating it. You can get calcium from green leafy vegetables, sea veggies, or fatty fish. And it might be hard to skip those milkshakes, cheese platters or cow-milk topped cereals, but you can always test out a dairy free alternative if you really need it (just don’t pick anything with soy – that could be worse than the cow’s milk).

You might be surprised how much better your belly feels without this little trickery “health food” inside it. 

So for this week, skip the dairy. It’s only 7 days, how hard can it really be?



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