7 day evolution

7 Day Evolution – Week 9

7 day evolution random acts of kindness


The goal this week is to give back –  to show someone else that you care without asking or hoping for anything in return.

It can be for family, friends or even total strangers. 

Because giving to others can actually boost your own happiness and relieve stress. Giving is healthy. Tis true, the researchers confirmed it – people were happier when they spent money on others instead of themselves.

Plus kindness breeds more kindness.

If you’re not sure what to do to get started – check out this story:

There’s a little pizza shop in Philly. One day, a guy went in to buy his $1 slice. But he also asked if he could buy an extra slice for a homeless person. The dude behind the counter thought why not and got a little sticky not to put on the wall to remind him that there was a pre-paid slice available for someone.  The pay-it-forward pizza movement was born and soon all kinds of customers were pre-paying for slices and leaving positive notes of encouragement on those sticky notes, which soon covered the walls.

Any person strapped for cash could come in, grab a sticky note and redeem if for a slice of pizza. 

Pizza parol with sticky notes all over the walls random acts of kindness movement

Just that little dollar made a huge difference in the lives of hundreds. No act of kindness is every too small.

So for this week, practice random acts of kindness each day. It doesn’t have to be through pizza, but it does have to happen daily. It’s only 7 days, how hard can it really be?



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