7 day evolution

7 Day Evolution – Week 8

7DayEvolution ladder workout


This ain’t your typical ladder.  You know the ladder workouts: 10 reps, 9 reps, 8, 7, blah, blah, blah. And it’s usually just one exercise – and that can get boring.

But 10 down to 1 is boring.  And we don’t do boring.

The Ultimate Ladder: 50 down to 1 challenge that’s made of 6 different exercises.  That’s a whole lotta reps and a whole lotta cool exercises that you don’t get just anywhere. 

Now that’s what we call a challenge. 

And since this ladder is a bit extreme (and not for the weak minded), you’ve got an entire week to get through it.  All 7 days to finish all 50 sets. 


AND for an extra little fun – you don’t have to go in order. You can go from 50 straight down to 1 OR you can make your own pattern for tackling all the different reps, jumping around to the different numbers depending on what you have time or the mood for.

It’s up to you. But during the week, you have to hit every rep number in the ladder.

Over the course of the entire week, you’ll do a total of 1275 reps!  But what exercises are doing we for all these reps?  

Just click the exercise and watch a quick demonstration of how to do it. 

ARROW: Kettlebell rotational arrow cleans. In the video, it’s the exercise in the top square.  Do half your reps on the right, and half your reps on the left. 

DEADLIFT: Banded deadlifts.  In the video, Maria’s killin these in the bottom right corner. 

SWING: Double kettlebell dip swings. In the video, it’s the exercise on the right. The timing can be tricky to master so warm up with a light kettlebell until you’ve mastered it. 

THRUST: Banded hip thrusts. Beginners can do both legs at the same time, advanced folks can try and keep up with Dee doing the singles. 

PULL-UP: Beginners can use the band. And you advanced guys, tackle them without any assistance! Just make sure you work on good form – keeping a hollowed position, no swinging and getting your chest up to the bar. 

ROW: Push up renegade rows. The exercise is the 3rd one in the video.  Beginners can skip the band around the ankle and just focus in lifting your arms and legs at the same time.  But if you want an extra challenge, add the band around your ankles.

So what exercises do you do for each set?  

We’ve got it all planned out for you.  At the bottom of this post is the Ultimate Ladder guide.  It’s a free download and it lists out all of the sets in the ladder – from 50 down to 1 – and it tells you which exercise to do for each of those sets.  If you print out the guide and forget what the exercise looks like, just come back and visit us here to watch the videos again. 

Here’s our tip – watch the videos of the exercises and get familiar with them. Then download the guide and put it somewhere handy.  After you finish a set, cross it off the guide.  That way you know which one’s you’ve finished and which one’s you still have to tackle. 

The challenge starts tomorrow! So download your Ultimate Ladder guide and make your plan for how to get all of these sets done this week!

Then get crazy wit it!

So for this week, finish the Ultimate Ladder! It’s only 7 days, how hard can it really be?

Ultimate Ladder Workout

And if you really want to be a bada$$, take a picture or quick video of how you’re killin’ the challenge and post it to Insta! Show us your evolution! #EvoChallenge!



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