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7 Day Evolution – Week 11

7 day evolution Meditation


I know, I know meditation sounds froo-froo.  Beyond froo-froo, it sounds like the fluffiest, hippy-dippy thing to do.  And it’s so easy to instantly quit listening (or reading) the second it comes up in the convo. 

But before you’re quick to judge, think about this for a minute.  

FIRST – meditation is so broad, it can really look like whatever you want it to.  It doesn’t mean you have to sit Indian Style on a tiny pillow, with your forefingers and thumbs pressed together, constantly repeating OHM until you find your inner soul.

Woman on a beach doing meditation

Uh no.

For me, meditation means walking my dogs in a quite and deserted park. A place where I can just relax and think clearly.

For you, it might be 10 minutes of just sitting and breathing quietly.  Or maybe listening to calming music (like this Pandora station).


Researchers have found that even a few minutes of meditation each morning can have huge impacts on the outcome of your day and your general health. 

Really. People who meditate regularly have better focus, less anxiety and stress, less chronic pain and sickness, more creativity, more compassion and more grey matter (the stuff in the brain that leads to more positive emotions, longer lasting emotional stability and heightened and lasting focus).  So it’s not just mental benefits – it gets physical too.

So how the heck do you meditate?

That’s the thing, however you want.  It all depends on what your own personal goal is – to be more relaxed, to bring clarity to your mind, to become aware of your body or breathing – and what method works best to achieve that.  It’s up to you.

Now if you’ve never meditated and want a place to start, check out this guided meditation. Or download one of the hundreds of meditation apps out there to bring peace and clarity to your noggin.

But if you’re still thinking meditation, schmeditation, then this is the guided mediation for you.  Really, it’s made for adults, by adults.  So put your headphones on if there are little ones running around… 

Meditation for Adults Only

That’s it.  Meditate for a few minutes each day and reap the benefits!  Who knows, maybe you’ll like this froo-froo stuff so much you’ll keep at it! 

So for this week, practice daily meditation. It’s only 7 days, how hard can it really be?



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