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You have just completed step #1 in the 7/14 Challenge.

The short questionnaire allows us to get to know you a little bit better before getting down and dirty sort of speak ha!

The next step is for you to reserve your spot by purchasing it below. Simply click the button below and it will direct your to our order form.

Once you have completed the purchase someone from our team will send you a text to get your started.

The Fitness Modules (Group Training sessions) are available all throughout the day. Here is the Fitness Module session times for your convenience.

How to Win the Challenge?!

1. Complete 7 Fitness Module workouts 'within' 14 Days. This means that once you attend your first training sessions the 14 day time frame will begin.

2. You must complete the 'Twiso Says' task sheet within the 14 days in order to qualify to win the challenge.

3. If you complete all sessions in the time allotted you will qualify for the following:

A. You can get a full refund or you may apply it towards one of your Fitness Module packages and B. You will earn a ugl water bottle or tee shirt and you will be considered an Undergrounder!

So, what are you waiting for! Let's get started!

Simply click the large white button below.

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What to expect?

You should expect to have a blast. We get it, trying out something new can sometimes be intimidating but we promise you're going to love this place! All sessions begin on time, then you will be guided through a 5-10 minute workout. Directly after the coach will walk you through the workout, demonstrate the movements, turn on some bumping beats and get to work. You're job is to kick butt, have fun and work hard.

What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable clothing or fitness attire. Flip flops are not permitted. You also may bring a water bottle.

Can any fitness levels attend these sessions?

All of our sessions can be scaled to your fitness levels. Our coaches are top notch and they will correct anything they see that may need to be changed. Trust the process, we will get you there!

Can I attend more than 1 workout per day?

Sorry, we know you're an action taker but we only recommend and allow one session per day.

Can I bring a friend with me?

Absolutely, as matter of fact all of our new members usually bring one or two friends so it's totally cool. We just ask that you email us at and let us know before hand so that we can reserve their spot. If any of your friends sign up for a package you will automatically receive half off your next months membership so heads up on that!

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