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The Underground Lab offers the best fitness programming in Lawrence, and dare we say, the entire Midwest.  Don’t believe us?? Honestly, I would be a little skeptical too. That is why we encourage you to scroll down and be an action-taker with our absolutely free week trial! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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The Underground Lab is a top-ranked studio founded in Lawrence, Kansas.  After opening in 2010, the studio quickly gained notoriety for incorporating  creativity with  strength, endurance and flexibility workouts and movements that set a new standard for fitness.

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Although  our workouts are unmatched, we realize that it is not the workouts that make the studio great.  Our Studio is recognized for our programming designed to optimize results for our cohort of outstanding members and community.   Our team takes pride in helping clients reach their full potential, which is why we sit down and design entire programs for our beloved clientele,  not just workouts. Anyone can make your heart rate elevate and your muscles sore  but The Underground Lab makes you healthier and stronger.

Our workout structure is based upon simple, yet effective, fundamental movement patterns executed at an intensity that works well with your fitness level. These workouts deliver time-tested and measurable health and fitness improvements that produce the the most effective broad-based fitness results in the most efficient and fun manner possible. It does not matter what body type you have, we all need fitness in our lives. Therefore, we have come up with a fun and comfortable way for people to get their exercise requirements. Whether you want lose extra pounds, drop a few dress sizes or just want to stay fit and in shape, we have something for you.

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Not only are we becoming known worldwide for our workouts but we take great pride in our relationships with each person that walks through our doors.  It is our goal to establish a welcoming environment that anyone can feel comfortable in, bettering your opportunity for success. From being greeted with a smile to leaving with a fist bump or high five, you will always feel, and always will be, welcomed at The Underground Lab.

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