The SPE System

The SPE System is the Foundation of the Underground Lab.  

It dictates our workouts for today, tomorrow, and even 6 months down the line. Because unlike other gyms that choose their workouts each day on a whim – the Underground Lab follows a System.

So what’s the SPE System?

Here’s the nutshell explanation:

SPE stands for Strength, Power, and Endurance – and the System means we focus on building each of these areas of athleticism simultaneously.  Each training day focuses on one of these elements.  But we also put those days together in just the perfect combination to make sure each week and even each month has an athletic balance and a focus. 

Here’s how it’s set up. 

The SPE is an annual program that’s divided into 4 Modules.  So one Module equals 3 months.  Simple. 

Lucky us – we’ve also got 3 areas of athleticism we train.  So each of those months focuses on either Strength, Power or Endurance.  Now sure, every week includes workouts from each of the athletic areas – but by changing our ratios, we can make sure each month is working one of those athletic areas just a bit more than the others.  

So in each Module – we train S, P and E.  Got it?

But here’s where things get a little different than every other gym –

The System’s not just about what exercises or muscle you are training – it’s also about how you train.

How We Train

Our bodies aren’t designed to handle hard, high intensity training all the time (even if that’s the training style we like)!

So each month is broken down into 4 phases of intensity.  We start out with an easy to moderate intensity – allowing our bodies time to warm up and adjust to the athletic element focus of the month. Then we train hard and fast for 2 weeks – the kind of workouts that leave you crawling to your car!  And then we give ourselves some active recovery – the rest and recovery time our bodies REQUIRE in order for us to see physical changes (this is the element most people skip – but it’s also THE most important).   

Then we repeat that cycle for 2 more months, hitting the other two athletic elements. And viola – we’ve completed a Module!

But then comes the best part –


At the end of each Module, every member gets the chance to complete Benchmarks! We spend one week maxing out on the key exercises in our training program. This allows each member to see their progress from one Module to the next!  It’s a build in progress tracker and motivator!  It not only lets our members see how much stronger or faster they are – but it lets our team know where our UGL Nation is as a whole and how we can shift the next Module to ensure all areas of athletic development stay strong!

To catch a glimpse of our Benchmarks, check out this video!

And if you want to dive deeper into how the SPE works (it gets a bit nerdy), click here!