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Do your results stick-

The Diet Sneak: How to Transform Your Diet for Good

It’s no secret that a diet is easy start. It just takes a little bit of willpower and a few tools to point you in the right direction.  But what happens after you get started?  

Most people wait for the diet to end.  For the time they get go eat their favorite foods again.

You might follow a 30 day strict plan.

A 21 days of low carb delight.

Or even 2 week sans sugar.

Those short term diets with an endpoint are what we call a diet sprint.   You’ve got a set start and stop date and you’ve just got to power through!

But what happens when those diets end and you go back to the real world without your plan?

Do your results disappear?

Do you rebound worse than ever?

Do the food cravings get worse?

For some people: yes to all of the above.

A sprint diet isn’t ideal for everyone. Remember, we ain’t all cookie cutters so what works for one doesn’t work for the masses.

For the competitive and challenge driven folks, yes – a sprint type diet can work wonders.

But for people looking for long term results and struggle on the rebound, the sprint diet might not be the way to get real change.

A better plan?

The Diet Sneak

The Diet Sneak is a program to build lasting and sustainable nutritional shifts.  Instead of trying to overhaul your diet in one fell swoop, the Diet Sneak slowly transforms your eating.

And because we know this diet can work for some (not all, remember the cookie cutter thing) – we made a freebie template for you to test it out!  Just read (or skip) to the bottom to claim the freebie diet plan! 

Why It Works:

The Diet Sneak works by slowly transforming your habits. You can focus on adding in good habits, like eating more veggies, or eliminating ones you know are holding you back, like a sugar addiction.

But the cool part about The Sneak style of dieting is that you only have to focus on one thing at a time.  One small change weekly.  And then over time, hello big time results! 

Are you going to lose 40 pounds in the first month? No.  

But you will be creating long-term habits to lose weight and shed fat over time – and keep it off for good! No more fear of rebound, no more bouncing back higher than you started.

Just progress. 

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: The Audit

You begin with a dietary audit to see what your real dietary habits are like right now.  A lot of folks think they know, but when they actually write down what (and how much) they eat, the results are surprising!

Take a few days to log everything you eat in a tracking tool, like MyFitnessPal. Every morsel that goes into your mouth also gets written (or entered) on your tracker. Simple.

Then after a few days of logging, take a look over all of your eating habits. Where are your weakest habits? What are you missing? What things are holding back your healthy eating?

Examine your eating and look for general areas you want to improve – we recommend starting with just 3 areas to keep things simple and manageable.   If you try to change everything at once, it can be a recipe for overwhelming disaster. 

Step 2: Macro Goals

The general areas you want to improve are called your Macro Goals.  These are big picture goals that you want to work on like: eating more veggies, cutting the sugar, etc.

Each month, you pick one Macro Goal to focus on. And since you chose 3 from your audit, you have 3 months already planned out for what to focus on – one for each month. 

So out of those 3, pick the one that’s most important to change now and start with that on month one of The Diet Sneak.

As an example, let’s say your audit reveals a strong sugar addiction so you decide you want to cut out the sugar. Awesome, let’s do it! 

So month one is about cutting out sugar.  But whoa, that seems really overwhelming still! How do you even begin?  

That’s where the next phase comes in.


Step 3: Micro Goals

Micro Goals are simple, actionable goals that you can follow for one week at a time.

Each Micro Goal is one simple step that helps you make progress in your larger, Macro Goal.  And since those Macro Goals are month long focuses, each week of that month gets a new Micro Goal focus. 

Micro Goals keep things manageable.  They are the stair steps in the ladder toward the bigger goal. 

So your Macro Goal was cutting out sugar. Your Micro Goals might look like this:

Week 1: Cut the sugar and cream out of my coffee

Week 2: Only eat fruit after dinner when I’m craving sweetness, nothing with sugar

Week 3: Eliminate all soda

Week 4: Avoid any candy or treats at the office

Each week has a different Micro Goal.  And each goal must be very specific, actionable and very simple. Something that you can do and check off a box.  

And here’s where the sneak comes in.

The Sneak

The goal of each Micro Goal is to build it as a new habit.  So once you finish that week, you keep that Micro Goal as part of your new routine, and add in the next goal. 

By the end of 4 weeks, you will have successfully implemented 4 new (or eliminated 4 negative) health habits all related to improve one general area!

Rinse and Repeat

Then for the next month, pick a new Macro Goal, create your 4 actionable Micro Goals and rinse and repeat.

Over the course of a few months (or as long as you keep going), you will have a total diet transformation! And all it took was focusing on one goal per week. Super simple.

Now that all sounds fine and dandy in theory right?

Here’s the way to make it actually stick.

The Guide

At the end of this post is a free downloadable Diet Sneak 4 Week Guide. It will help you break down your Macro and Micro goals and track your daily progress.

The Guide will help you stay focused on each week’s goal while continuing to implement the Micro Goals from the previous weeks.

The download gives you a visual reminder of your current goal, but it also helps you track your progress and hold you accountable to your goals each day of the week.

And the best part is you can use this same 4-week template each month to keep evolving and improving. 

Just click below to download and get started transforming your diet! 

Diet Sneak Template Download Button (1)

But hey, remember how we said at the beginning that some folks do well with the Sprint kind of diet.  If that’s you, that’s still awesome! You can use the Diet Sneak to build in other new healthy habits, unrelated to diet.  

But if you want to shed fat in a powerful sprint diet – check out The Dirty 30! It’s a 30 Day Sprint Diet designed for maximum fat loss!  Read more about The Dirty 30 here



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