Surviving the Holidays Without Gaining Weight: Part 2


When the weather becomes frightful and the fire delightful – I know exactly what happens to your drive to workout.

It disappears. 


And I know what goes through you mind in December when the twinge of the gym starts creeping back into your mind… 

  • It’s too cold outside to change into my workout clothes
  • Its so dark in the mornings, I just can’t get out of bed for that 6 AM session
  • I am traveling all week to see family, there’s just no time (or gym) for me
  • I have so much work to do before I take that PTO, I have to skip the gym

But if you let yourself fall victim to the temptation to sloth, you’ll be entering 2017 a bit flubbier than you want.

Don’t let it happen.  Here’s how to fight it and stay committed to your fitness: 


slack-for-ios-upload-13Schedule It

Just like you’d schedule a doctor’s appointment or a party – put the time you’ll train into your calendar.

Seriously – right now, go into your phone and add those sessions!

Then once you have your time set, hold religiously to it. It’s so easy for our workouts to be the first thing we replace when our schedules get busy. But hold tight to that sacred time of training and don’t let other things get in the way.



But I get it, even the best laid plans go awry. Even if you schedule it, you might have to change plans. Instead of skipping a session altogether, do half of it. Do a modified workout. Heck, do a few body weight exercises at home in your living room.

Half of a workout is better than none of a workout. Sometimes, it’s okay to do “good enough.” Because the alternative of a perfect workout doesn’t have to be zero workout.  


Revitalize It

And if you still struggle to stay committed to your training through the holidays, use this time to change how you workout.

No I don’t mean watching TV counts as training.   I mean grab your family and go for a hike in the woods. Sign up for a holiday 5K race and get with your friends to train. Turn sledding into a serious calorie burning if you run up the hill every time you sled down it.

There are so many ways to burn calories and burn those booty muscles – you just have to rethink what a workout is.

But if you take this tactic – keep one thing in mind. You’re still aiming for a workout, you’re just using different mechanisms. You still want to put in the same amount of effort you would at the gym, you’re just doing in on the hills or stairs instead.



And just in case you missed it – don’t forget to check out Surviving the Holidays: Part 1 about how to beat those tasty treat temptations that throw our diets off track! 





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