Supplements: Do I Need Them?


Hell no.

Uh what?

You don’t need supplements (unless you have a serious health condition – in that case, listen to your doctor). But for the rest of us, supplements don’t sustain life. You have (somehow) managed to live this long without them.

So are they necessary? No.

Are flat abs and muscle definition necessary? Not really.

So do you need supplements? No.

Picture of many supplements in a pileWill supplements help you achieve your fitness goals?

So maybe the better question is this:

I have heard that supplements can help achieve my fitness goals.

Which ones should I take for that?

Before I tell you which magic pills to start popping, you should know a little info about the supplement world.

Go ahead and hop on your preferred method of learning. Choose the one that fits your style best. Or if you’d rather skip the knowledge, just check out the download to know which of your supplements are wasting your money!

Check out the options below… See you on the other side! 

The Quick and Dirty Version Supplement

The Nerdy Version Supplement

Top 10 Supplements to Throw in the Trash




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