Supplements: Do I Need Them? Quick and Dirty Version

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Do I need supplements?
Most of the time, the answer is no.

Especially not those supplements full of crap and garbage. You know the ones – where they spell the word with a “z” instead of an “s.” Or the ones that even the name makes it sound like the creator didn’t graduate high school (Phuck Fat – you’ve got to be kidding me).

Yeah – those ones are straight crap.

But there are FIVE SUPPLEMENTS that every person should be taking.Picture of colorful pills


Because our society has made our fruits, vegetables, and proteins nutrient-poor.

Sure, they seem like they have lots of nutrients – but compared to a century ago, those foods may as well be water!

We’ve learned to process more food with fewer resources. That means we use pesticides, overgrow produce, pick before they’re ripe, and genetically modify and engineer foods. We create a toxic environment for our foods. And as a result, our foods lose their nutrient values.

So a century ago, if you asked me “Do I need supplements?” The answer would be “Hell no!

But today: “Yes, yes you do.

Because it’s nearly impossible to get your nutrient needs through food alone.

So what are the Fab Five Supplements every person should be taking today?

click here to receive your free week trial (5)Fish Oil: This little Nemo Capsule has been examined every which way, by thousands of studies, and always comes back as a super nutrient that YOU NEED TODAY! Not only do these Omega 3 Fatty Acids help with weight loss (remember, fat doesn’t make you fat), but they help stimulate blood flow to the muscles and transport triglycerides out of the fat cells. So building muscle and burning fat. Bingo. Fish oil also protects against depression, muscle soreness, and ADHD. Did your supply run out? Click here so we can help! 

click here to receive your free week trial (5)Vitamin D: The sunshine pill! We naturally get Vitamin D through sun exposure on our skin. And as easy as that sounds, this is the most common deficiency in the western world! Vit D supplements will help with increased cognition, immune health, bone health and reduced risks for cancers, heart disease, diabetes and MS. A recent study also showed that for overweight folks, the more Vit D they to took, the more weight they lost.

click here to receive your free week trial (5)Magnesium: This bad boy is connected to our insulin sensitivities. Low magnesium can reduce our insulin sensitivity – which means we have to release extra insulin into the blood just to clear out the glucose floating around. And extra insulin leads to fat storage. But with supplementation, you can burn fat and slim down. This also protects against depression – but that is just a happy perk! Did your supply run out? Click here so we can help! 

click here to receive your free week trial (5)Zinc: Your body loses zinc every time you sweat, so if you regularly get your heart pumping and soak through your t-shirts, you need to start taking zinc. And what is zinc’s superpower? Zinc helps run our enzymes, hormones, and immune systems. It is a protective factor against depression and effective with reducing acne (yay for glowing skin). For us weight concerned folks, zinc helps control our blood glucose levels and reduce our insulin concentrations – a good thing to reduce our fat stores! Did your supply run out? Click here so we can help!

click here to receive your free week trial (5)Protein Powder: Protein helps prevent muscle loss, aids in muscle growth, speeds up your recovery, and can help build strong bones. Protein also stimulates your metabolism and helps keep you feeling full for longer. And most of us don’t get enough through our meals alone. So adding protein powder is not only necessary, it’s convenient. If you want to know which brand of protein powder is the absolute best, just ask us! Fortunately for you, we know all about the best one (because we specially formulated it)! Did your supply run out? Click here so we can help!

And Honorable Mention goes to the Wellness Greens: nature’s veggies in a drinkable form. Fifty veggies blended into a powder you can drink each day (of course you have to mix the powder with a liquid). But do you need this supplement? Maybe not. If you’re a veggie lover and already eat kale and spinach, broccoli and radishes, then no, you’re probably doing fine with your veggie intake (you veggie-loving weirdo). But for the rest of us that have to force ourselves to eat that second bite of broccoli, Wellness Greens are a big help. And you won’t find this supplement in any regular ol’ store. You can click here and we’ll ship you your very own supply!

REMEMBER: Supplements are just that – supplemental. They’re not meant to replace a healthy diet and active lifestyle. They aren’t magical. Just helpful.

If you need help with adding supplements to your daily routine, let us know! But these Fab Five are the first place you should start. 

Are you already taking supplements? You might want to check out this list to see if you should be feeding those supplements to the trash instead! Click below to find out which ones belong in the trash! 

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