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cartoonbpingHi, I’m TWISO.

You could call me a mascot, symbol or just BA nerd, but I’m the guru behind the Underground Lab and the champion of the UGL Nation.

So why my funky name?

Twiso stands for: The World IS Ours.

And as weird as it sounds, that’s the truth. This world is here for the taking. You have the power to become whoever you want to be (and look however you want to look).

So if you want to turn into a sexy, shredded beast, then I’m here to help! In fact, that’s what our entire crew here at the Underground Lab is for.

To take your goals and help you make them real. 

So why the Underground Lab?

We’re biased, but we think our little slice of paradise is pretty incredible. Not only do we have funky colors, cool toys and crazy fun workouts, but we founded our training on a system. Yep, that means we do a butt load of research and can guarantee you results.

Not many places can say that.

But, because we’re all about pushing the boundaries in what a fitness home can do – we’re bringing you more than just training.

That’s what this blog is for.

Dropping knowledge bombs that will push you even closer to your goals.

Each week we do our homework and bring new, interesting and B.S. free articles to you via the blog. No fake, broscience here, only cool news that’s real. 

So if you’re just now meeting me and my crew, then I’ve got a few suggestions on where to start to absorb the ultimate info. 

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Then dive into the blog! Here are the 3 best blogs for you to build your #knowledgebomb foundation. These will give you the most need-to-know info that will set the stage for fat burn or muscle building – whatever your goal is. 

  1. Macronutrients Rule
  2. Carbohydrates 101: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  3. Hormones: The Controller of Everything

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Our most popular blogs change weekly, but these bad boys are consistently favored by our community!  Check them out here: 

  1. 15 Fitness Myths, Half Truths and Lies Exposed
  2. Hard Abs: Everything You Need to Make it Happen
  3. Eating and Not Gaining Weight: It is Possible! 

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