6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Start Sprint Training

sprint training

Sprint training isn’t the most fun workout on the planet.  In fact, if you’re enjoying the sprint workout, then you probably aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. Sprint training is mentally challenging, physically demanding and just plain exhausting.

But sprint training an incredibly powerful tool and if used correctly – you will see incredible results.

Here are the 6 big reasons you should add sprint training to your workout arsenal:

1. Faster Fat Loss

Compared to other steady state cardio, sprint training is the fastest and most efficient way to shed fat fast.

In one study, half the participants did steady state cardio for 20 weeks (seems like a long time, but remember, fit is a lifestyle).

The other half did sprint training, but only for 15 weeks. And their training was relatively simple: 15 sprints for 30 seconds each, just a couple times each week.

And the results?

The sprinting group lost 9x more body fat than the steady cardio group! A huge difference in fat loss, just from short and powerful sprints.

But that’s really nothing compared to some of the other studies out there. Most studies show that a group doing sprint training over a 12 week period can lose up to 20% of their body fat. Big time results.

2. Bigger Muscle Growth

Sprint training isn’t only good for shrinking you waistline. It’s also incredible for building muscle.

Sprinting targets the fast-twitch fibers in almost your entire lower half and can enhance your protein synthesis by over 200%. Sprint also increase production of testosterone and growth hormone – two key players in building muscles.

When you pair that powerful workout with a proper diet and plenty of recovery, that can lead to big time lower body muscle gains.

3. Increased Endurance

Many people think they need to jump on the treadmill for hours to boost their endurance. But boy is that wrong (and a waste of time).

Short and powerful sprints have been shown to enhance endurance, maximize your oxygen uptake and even expand the time it takes before you hit fatigue.

The short powerful runs enhances your body’s ability to use the glycogen stored in your muscles more efficiently to give you longer lasting fuel. But sprinting also gives your body a stronger ability to remove the waste products that can inhibit your performance.

That means those few sprints you do can translate easily to power you through other long and enduring workouts.

4. Improved Lung Function

This one is obvious for anyone who’s tried to blast through a dozen sprints and felt like their lungs might burst. Because sprinting requires such an incredible amount of energy in a short period of time, your lungs are challenged to expand and absorb as much oxygen as possible to continue fueling your muscles and blood with fresh O2.

And studies prove it – sprinting enhances your lung function better than any long, steady cardio can.

5. Cardiovascular Health

When compared side to side – people who participate in sprint training have better functioning hearts, arteries and even cholesterol levels than those who train with long, steady cardio alone.

Over just 4 weeks of training, a group of overweight women were able to drop their resting heart rate, repair cardiac damage and even reduce chronic arterial inflammation –all from a few sprint workouts. And only in one month. Imagine the positive benefits of an entire program with sprint training.

6. Time Efficiency 

And finally, for those of us with hectic and demanding schedules, this may be the best perk of all. When you compare the time and energy required with the potential for results, sprint training comes out as one of the most efficient workouts.

Most sprint workouts only require a handful of sprints, most of the time 60 seconds or less. And done just a few times a week, spiriting can give you big time results with only a short time commitment (but yes, don’t forget to warm up first).

But even though sprint training doesn’t take long, it still requires a butt load of effort and energy. Max effort sprinting isn’t a jog and it isn’t even a run. It’s the burn-your-lungs, leave you on the ground gasping for air kind of workout.

But even though it’s torture – it works.

Sprint Training

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