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We utilize our nationally recognized SPE System with our semi-private setting to give you the ultimate experience in an affordable, customizable and result-driven fitness program. We've dissected all the problems that other fitness programs faced, we took the best of private training and group training and made the perfect blend of accountability, comradery, flexibility and affordability. The HYBRID was born.


The HYBRID Program follows our recognized SPE System - a Fitness Program designed to enhance your strength, power, and endurance at the same time. This System is backed by years of research, study, and experimentation - but quite frankly, it just works. The SPE is the only system 'guaranteed' to help you burn fat and build muscle while still having the flexibility to train with fun exercises and creative equipment. Simply put, this result-driven program makes fitness fun.


Each HYBRID Session can sustain up to 5 members. This ideal number gives you the camaraderie of training with your family/friends, a little friendly competition to push you forward, and a price tag that's affordable for any wallet. But with such low session numbers, our experienced trainers can give you individual attention to make sure you are pushing yourself forward and training in a safe and technically sound manner. This program is by far the biggest bang for your buck.


With the semi-private setting, each trainer can customize the HYBRID workout to better support your individual goals and fitness level. Whether you need progressions for extra challenge or regressions to perform exercises more safely, the HYBRID can support your individual needs.


With the HYBRID, you will never do the same workout twice. Boredom is one of the main reasons people get tired of the gym. We prevent that by keeping every workout fun, fresh and ever-changing while still focusing on productive movement patterns that will enhance the way you feel and perform.


Let us be honest with you. We are a premium facility, with excellent coaching and result-driven programming and if you're looking for a $20 per month facility, we are simply not the right place for you. We want to be the very best and the only facility you'll ever need to achieve all of your goals and desires. At the same time, we want to make an impact, we want to help as many people as humanly possible so we decided to go against the grain and make this affordable for just about anybody. For just 20 bucks per session, you can become the best version of yourself. Do me a favor and ask yourself, "If you could achieve all of your health and fitness goals in a timely, effective and fun manner would the dollars spent on training be worth it to you?" Of course, it certainly would! I mean no disrespect but I do want to be honest and give you some tough love, If you 'have to sleep on it', then we may not be the right place for you. We have limited slots open and we want to work with those that take action and are truly ready to change their life for good.
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As an HYBRID Member, you have the option to sign up for the HYBRID session that best fits your schedule. So if home or work life is hectic, you can know there's still time for you to fit in fitness. But if you aren't showing up to a certain number of weekly sessions expect a call from one of your friendly coaches to keep you accountable. Best of all worlds.
You too can get amazing results in 90 days or less! Are you ready?!



It's not for someone looking for easy or boring workouts. It's not for someone wanting to train for a week or 2 and then jump back to idleness. And it's not for anyone who wants to cheat their way to the finish line.

The HYBRID Training Program is the fastest way to fall in love with fitness and get addicted to real and lasting results.
The HYBRID is a program designed to give you real and lasting results. And because quick fixes don't happen in fitness, we only fill our HYBRID groups with individuals ready to get down to business. Frankly, we only have limited spots available and we only want to use those on people that really want to give it their all! You don't have to be fast, strong or fit. You just have to be ready to give a solid effort and show up with a positive and willing attitude, ready to support your fellow Undergrounders. Simply Show up and our expert trainers will guide you through the rest. Click the button below and give the HYBRID a try!
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Here's exactly what you'll receive as part of the SPEFit System!

  • HYBRID Training sessions

    8 or 12 HYBRID sessions per month with one of our nationally accredited coaches.

  • Fitness Modules

    You will receive 'unlimited' access to the best large group training program in Lawrence, absolutely free.

  • Online Nutrition Course

    You will receive our online nutrition course that is directly responsible for helping hundreds of our member lose thousands of unwanted pounds.

  • Unlimited Access To The UGL Studio

    Feel like doing some extra on your own? Awesome! You get unlimited access to our studio during our hours of operations.

  • Support

    Of course, you will receive unlimited support from our excellent team of coaches! Whether you need nutrition assistance, movement assessments, body composition testing, additional workouts, heck even if you’re training for something funky and unique, we will take care of it for you. We want to meet you exactly where you are at and support you with any and every single one of your needs. We mean it. This alone is worth the investment!

Imagine never having to think of what workouts to do, or whether or not you're doing an exercise wrong. Imagine being part of a community that is friendly, supportive and that keeps you accountable. Imagine achieving all the results that you want and deserve.

Now you can! And we have one more cherry on top for you. The UGL Guarantee! Yes, you are fully assured. If you're still not absolutely sure this is perfect for you, let me take on all the risk... If you try out our HYBRID and you don't absolutely love the training from us, just send me a note and we will get every penny you paid back to you. And we’ll even give you a month of Fitness Modules absolutely free for your troubles! Yes, that’s how confident we are in this Program!
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