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The most premier personal coaching program in the Midwest.  

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The Ultimate Training and Support

We guarantee that personal training through the UGL will be the last place you need to look to find those long desired fitness results. We pride ourselves on making the most of your valuable time by combining efficient and effective workouts with fun and innovation. 

dee for personal coachingThe Underground Lab is different. We stand behind our trainers and their ability to get you results. Each of our trainers holds a national certification and has a thorough understanding of health and fitness. That means they know how the body works, how nutrition ties to your fitness goals and what to do when you have nagging injuries or aches that won’t go away. They keep you from getting hurt while pushing your closer and closer to your goals.

Lawrence’s most expert coaches call the Underground Lab home. We have the tools, the toys and the trainers you need to get in shape quick. And our personal trainers will make it happen. No excuses and no limitations. Just results.


Personal Coaching Packages

Personal coaching is our most premier and comprehensive service. Because each person has different fitness goals, we design a completely customized program for your specific goals and abilities.

  • Sessions are 30 minutes in length – trust us, this is more than enough time to get you real results.
  • A periodized program to guarantee you see progress in a systematic way.
  • Corrective postural and technique assessment  to prevent injury and enhance health. 
  • Free access to the Underground Lab Nutrition Kit to compliment your training.
  • Customized nutrition guidance from our experienced trainers.
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your hectic and ever changing life.



3 personal coaching sessions tailored specifically to you 

No contract.  

Just the experience of customized workouts, individual attention and an awesome one-on-one coach to help move you closer to your goals. 

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The beginning of a new, heathy you starts with just one click.

All coaching services are open to all ages and levels.

No experience is necessary – just the will to achieve!