Fit Modules

FITNESS MODULES Unlike most other gyms in town (or across the country) we aren't driven to be bigger.
We don't want to pack as many people into a workout as physically possible.
Our philosophy is very different: We're driven to be better. We accept 100 members into our Fitness Module Program.
Then we don't accept any more. By limiting our membership, we guarantee that we know every single member personally.
But we don't just know your name. We know your goals, your struggles, your dreams.
And because we know you - we can help you reach your fitness goals faster. Result driven training for our 100 result driven members.


Fitness Modules (known as Fit Mods to the insiders) are our version of large group training or “Team” training. We don’t do classes here at the Underground Lab, you can get those anywhere. This is not a class, this is a strength and conditioning team training experience.

These workouts are challenging and comprehensive. We lift, we sprint, we jump, squat, hurdle, throw, slam and flip things and do moves you've probably never even seen before. Every Fit Mod has a warm up, dynamic stretching, neuromuscular activation and then a scientifically designed workout to increase your overall athleticism, build muscles, and shed fat and calories quick. These sessions are fast, comprehensive and most of all fun. We pack all of that into just 45 minutes!
Fitness Modules follow the SPE System - a professional fitness program designed to burn fat and build muscle at the same time (our little studio even won some national recognition for how awesome this system is!).
Every workout is designed to build upon the last and support the one in the future. We know how you'll be training today, tomorrow and even 6 months down the line.

No other gym in the area could tell you their workout in 6 months. That's because most places make up their workouts as they go. We don't run like that. We follow our system - because we've got 100 current, walking proof clients to show it works.
SOUNDS AWESOME, BUT WOULD I FIT IN? Here’s the deal, Fit Mods aren’t for everyone. We want all of our Fit Moders to get an incredible workout and that means we have to be a little choosy about who is ready for the Fit Mod experience.

All Fit Moders should bring these with them:

AN AWESOME ATTITUDE. We don’t allow negativity, judging or degrading in the Lab. That’s just silly. We’re a no drama, no BS kind of a place. All of our members show up ready to work, ready to transform and ready to support one another.

A LITTLE COMPETITIVE SPIRIT. The Underground Lab is driven by results. One of the biggest perks of training with a group is feeding off the motivation and determination of those around you. You don’t have to compete with others, but we do think you should compete with yourself – always pushing to get better!

AND A LITTLE FITNESS EXPERIENCE. If your a brand newbie to fitness, then the Fit Mod is not the best place for you to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got other services that are better suited to your needs!

Because we’ve only got 45 minutes to power through a workout, we want to make sure that every Fit Moder has some fitness knowledge ready. Exercises like squats and pushups are common in our Fit Mods (although we always add our own twist to make them fun) and if you don’t know what those are or how to do them correctly, then we want you to spend some time building your foundation first.

If you’ve got all those above, then the FIT MOD 100 is perfect for you!


The two largest and most powerful muscles of the body are combined to kick-start your week! Back and legs when systematically conditioned together, this workout delivers the ultimate caloric burn, muscle pump, and fat depleting experience. The UGL will ensure that each portion of both the legs and back will be targeted proportionally and adequately. Integrating strength and conditioning techniques from performance enhancement and bodybuilding, this workout will be part of your favorite weekly workout routine.


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