How Do I Pick a Good Protein Powder?



Walking into a supplement store or even a grocery store in search of a new protein powder can be a bit overwhelming. All the choices, ingredients and unpronounceable words and labels can make choosing a quality brand a nightmare.

So we’ve made it simple for you. 

Just follow these steps to pick a good protein powder easily.

1. Choose your base

Protein powders can be made out of different kinds bases – casein, whey, soy, egg white, pea, hemp, etc.

We recommend choosing a whey-based protein or a blend that includes whey. Study after study have shown that whey based proteins are superior to any other option because whey can:

  • Digest quickly and can get absorbed into your muscles the fastest
  • Suppress your appetite better
  • Lower your insulin faster than other forms of protein
  • And has a higher amino acid and leucine content that other proteins which means it’s better for muscle building

But this choice is really personal preference.

There are lots of other decisions that could be made about your bases, like if you’re trying to gain mass or drop weight, when you drink your shakes, whether you want isolate or concentrate varieties, or if you need a vegetarian or vegan option.  But for most people outside of the bodybuilding world, a whey protein or a whey protein blend is a solid choice for almost any fitness goal.

2. Watch out for additives

Some protein powders are “enhanced” with additives like corn or soy. Lots of brands add these because they help prevent clumping in the powder, but these can do some damage to your insides and should always be avoided.  Soy actually contains naturals toxins known as “anti-nutrients” that can make your red blood cells clump together (seems backwards since they prevent your powders from clumping, but any who…)

And the corn additives are usually just fillers for any mass gaining powders. These types of powders usually add carbohydrates for extra calories, but you’re better off just eating some fruit or adding some potato starch powder (yeah it’s a thing) to your shake instead of corn.  So if you’re fitness goals are to slim down, make sure you choose a protein powder with a low carb count and no soy. 

3. Choose your sweetener

If you buy a protein powder completely free of all sugars (the real and the artificial), your drink would end up tasting a bit like chalk. So as a necessary evil for an actual drinkable shake, we need some kind of sweetness added to our powders.

We recommend finding a powder sweetened with stevia leaf extract because it has the least harmful side effects. It doesn’t impact your blood sugar levels much and it doesn’t rot your teeth or intestines like other sugar variations.

Always avoid powders sweetened with sucralose because sucralose will kill the good bacteria in your gut. And we need those guys to be strong to help you absorb the nutrients from the shake and all your other foods. 

4. And then of course, pick your flavors, your style of mixing and get your drink on!

Today, powders come in endless flavors.  If you’ve got a good base, are free of negative additives and have a good sweetener option, then the rest of the decisions are pretty much personal preference.  Some proteins may have additional enhancements, like pre-biotics or extra vitamins or minerals, and those are just perks depending on your nutritional needs.  Are they necessary? Not for most people.  So if you want to spend your money on a more expensive brand because of these additional nutrients, more power to you.

And as with any shopping, look for powders with short ingredient lists. The fewer ingredients, the more likely the food is closer to a natural and chemical free source.

Now, let us be clear and throw out a disclaimer alert – we can be a bit biased when it comes to protein powders. We’ve done our homework and drank a few million shakes in order to create the protein powder we think is the safest, most effective and ultimate choice.

So if you don’t want to navigate the maze of protein powder aisle, you can check out our most favorite brand, the SPE Performance Matrix.

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