Why You Can’t Break the Plateau and Move Forward


If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

Clearly that statement isn’t groundbreaking. Any one can read that with a ‘duh’ running through their brain.

But although we can all tell that clearly that statement makes sense, we don’t actually follow it in practice. Especially when it come to fitness.

The goal of every fitness program is to see progress in someway or another.

Gain muscle.

Get stronger.

Lose weight.

We want change.

But most of us don’t actually build ‘change’ into our training plans. We do the same thing over and over and expect to continue getting better.  

Does that make any sense?

This principle is called the Repeated Bout Effect.

The more you do something, the less of an impact it has.

  • The first time you drank coffee, it probably gave you jitters and a caffeine buzz for hours. But after years of drinking the good stuff, it doesn’t do much.
  • The first time you did 30 pushups in a row, it probably made you sore. But years of working pushups and those same 30 pushups become just a portion of your warm-up, rather than your training.
  • When you start eating smaller portions, you lost weight. But as time passed and your portions stayed the same size, you stopped losing weight as quickly.

The longer we do anything, the less effect it has on your goal.

And sure, reading this on paper makes sense. The ‘duh’ moment. But think about your training. How long have you been swinging that 35 pound KB? How long have you continued to grab the 20 pound dumbbells for thrusters? And when was the last time you amped up the speed on the treadmill?

When we start training (or try a new kind of program), we are challenged at the beginning. And then we adapt. We get stronger, faster, more efficient. And we get used to those workouts.  So they stop working as well.


In order to keep progressing, things have to keep changing.

  • The weights have to increase
  • The reps need to go up
  • The speed, the power, the intensity.

It doesn’t necessarily all have to happen at the same time. But if you want progress, then CHANGE has to be part of your plan.

Don’t ever let your fitness get too comfortable. Because everything works for a little while. And then we get used to it.

But if nothing changes, then nothing changes.



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