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Myth Breaking and Question Lose fat fast


If I had a penny for every time I heard this question, I’d be living on a yacht in the Caribbean right now. And I hear it all the time because losing fat can be hard work. It can be frustrating and it can be a slow process.

Now, I’m not a magical genie so I can’t grant you a fast fat loss wish. You can’t go from a little extra weight to slim, trim, sexy machine in seconds. But there are two things you can start doing now (I’m serious, you don’t have to wait for a Monday to change your habits) that can get you burning fat faster than you’re burning now. It’s not a magical answer, so it still takes a little time, but from my experience, these are the keys to fast(er) fat loss success:

1. Control how many carbs you eat
2. Start metabolic resistance training

What you eat can change the game of fat loss. And if you’re serious about dropping fat, your nutrition should become a priority. Now, there are lots of different types of diets out there, but if you want to drop fat fast(er), then the quickest way is to lower your carb intake. That means also increasing the amount of protein and fat you eat because you don’t want to be eating too small amount of food (calorie restriction is not the answer). Your intake should be mostly protein, veggies and healthy fats. And if you follow that formula for long enough, you should see fat dropping quick. Now, you don’t want to deplete your carbs completely, because having an occasional high carb cheat meal keeps you psychologically motivated and your metabolism flexible, but don’t go too crazy and don’t have those cheat meals too often. The trick is finding the balance that works for your body. Eating enough of the protein, veggies and fats to keep you full and energized without going overboard.

The second step of the formula is metabolic resistance training. People used to think that low intensity exercise, like long slow jogs, was the best way to burn fat. But thankfully, research has caught up and we can now say for sure that that doesn’t work (actually it increases your fat storing). The fastest and most efficient way to train for fat loss is with metabolic resistance training. MRT builds muscles, which burn calories and boosts your metabolism to keep you burning fat and building muscle long after your workout is over.

Now, these two steps might just be a small piece of your fat loss puzzle. There are lots of other important things to consider, like getting enough sleep and balancing your hormones, which might impact how much fat you lose. If you’re eating well and training like a beast and still not seeing results, then come talk to me so we can figure out your next step in the fat burning puzzle.

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