Is Fast Weight Loss Possible?

fast weight loss

Is Fast Weight Loss Possible?

The Unsexy Truth About How to Get Real Results

Anyone chasing weight loss wants it fast. I mean why not? Why would we choose to take a slow route if we could get there going 95mph?

But despite how badly you want it, are fast results even possible?

Sure – there is the obvious answer:  You’re results will only come as fast as your body will allow.

There’s no cheating physiology.  And how your body releases it’s grip on fat or weight can change from person to person. 

But for most people, whether we get results fast (or even at all) results comes down to something other than your physiology.

It comes down to your average. 

And what the heck does that even mean?

Think back to the last time you had a super high burst in weight loss motivation. You joined a gym, maybe coughed up some cash for a personal trainer.   And if you hired someone good, that trainer probably told you a bit about how to ease into your training.  Starting with maybe just a few sessions per week and slowly working your way up.

Or maybe it was about easing into your nutrition.  Making small changes in your diet first, rather than drastic ones. Then adding in more and more diet fixes as time goes on.

But I know how it goes –

When your motivation is high, you’re ready to go all in! To train 2-a-days right out of the gate.  To go cold-turkey and totally keto or no-carb nothing.  To do everything you think you need to do to see those fast weight loss results. 

And then you get started.

And that motivation powers you through a couple days of your newfound (albeit crazy and unrealistic) plan for success.

But after a just few days, you’re tired, cranky and frustrated and ready to call it quits altogether.

fast weight loss person on the track exhausted

So can fast weight loss happen?  

Not this way. This path leads to no weight loss.

But we’ve all been there. We’ve gone from all out motivation to zilch in just a matter of days. And when we finally throw in the towel from pure exhaustion and empty willpower tanks, we end up more frustrated and unhappy than before.

The problem? We tried to sprint through a marathon.

Because that’s exactly what real fitness results are – a marathon.  

Can you run a fast marathon?  Uhhh kinda, but it’s all about your perspective.

Those Kenyans can run it in just a hair over 2 hours.  I would call that freakin’ fast.  But it’s not a fast time if you compare it to the time it takes to run one single mile.

Instead of hoping for a miracle, you just have to shift your definition of fast results.  And you have to give yourself a realistic definition of fast in relation to your goal.

You can get fast fitness results, but you have to put them in perspective.

Losing 30 pounds in a week? Unrealistic.

In a month? Still pretty unrealistic, we’re talking Kenyan speed here

But what about 3 months? Very doable.

And in the big scheme of life, 3 months is a fast amount of time. 

So what’s was this average pace I talked about at the beginning?

chew on this fast weight loss

The person who wins the marathon isn’t the one with the fastest out of the gate or the bigkicker right at the finish line.

It’s the one with the fastest average speed during the whole darn thing.

You’re average speed matters way more in any fitness goal than how fast or hard you can get out of the gate.

What you do consistently, over and over again, is what’s going get you results. 

The consistent choices you make over the course of those 3 months will get you faster results than a high-motivation, crazy unrealistic start to a diet and workout plan.

And the more consistently you make those choices and put in the work, the faster your results. 

But average isn’t exciting. Achieving your daily consistent, small goals each day isn’t grabbing any headlines. It might be the unsexiest way to lose weight fast. 

But it’s the only way that actually works.

woman deadlifting for fast weight loss

So instead of spending hours looking for the ultimate (and crazy restrictive) diet plan or the hardest, baddest fitness program – focus your time on making small changes each day to move you forward.

And stick with those changes for the course of a few months.  Slowly increase your average pace instead of trying to sprint off the blocks. 

Because getting there is slowly is better than never at all.

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