Supercharge your Brain with Interval Weight Training


Not that we need another reason to lift weights.  But check this out:

Interval weight training can boost your cognitive function.

Yep – lift weights and get smarter!

A study at the University of Montreal took participants, put them through 2 sessions of 40-minute high intensity interval training, 2 30-minute weight training circuits and 1 moderate intensity workout each week for 6 weeks. 

All the folks lost weight, shrunk their waist circumferences, lowered their insulin levels and increased their oxygen intakes.

But the best part – they also increased their brain function by 10-25%.

Processing speed, short-term memory recall, decision-making… all got a supercharge.  And all a result of the training! 


Want to get your own brain powered up?

Give IWT (interval weight training) a shot. Whether it’s prepping for a test or just trying to prepare for the workout, this could be the key to better performance and faster thinking!

Try this workout!

Circuit A
A1. 15 KB Goblet Squats
A2. 2 minute uphill run (as far as possible)
A3. 20 KB Swings
A4. Rest for 2 minutes
Circuit B
B1. 15 DB Thrusters
B2. 2 Minute Row (as far as possible)
B3. 20 Pushups
B4. Rest 2 minutes
Circuit C
C1. Rope Slams 20 seconds
C2. 2 Minute Ski-erg (as far as possible)
C3. Prowler Push 20 yards
C4. Rest 2 minutes
DC1. Supermans
D2. V-Ups
D3. Half-Kneeling Med Ball Toss
4 x 10


Give it a shot and let us know if you feel smarter! 


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