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Endomorph Training Guide

For us endomorphs, weight loss has been hard. We have starved, counted calories, run, jumped, used those dang exercise machines and bought every shake and meal bar under the sun. Maybe we lost a handful of pounds, but we always ended up right back where we started (or worse, a few pounds heavier).


The problem is, we weren’t training for our bodies. So it’s time to start training for ourselves and find the fit and healthy body we know is inside us!
Ready to blast that stubborn belly fat?  

Despite what we may think, we endos are lucky. Our bodies are ready to build muscle! Once we learn how to start lifting heavy, our strength will skyrocket.

The challenge for us endos is burning fat at the same time. After all, we don’t just want to just put on muscle.  We have a little extra poundage to drop too.   So the endo workout is about burning and building at the same time.  Luckily, we can do both with the right exercises. 

Before I tell you what will get you burning and building, let me tell what will NOT.  And I don’t mean to offend anyone in the process.  But I want you to understand that these “workouts” are not efficient for burning fat and building muscle.

ZUMBA Sure we love to shake our grove thing too, and for us endos, we have a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to shake around in class.  And we especially love feeling like a thugged out gantsa and a sexy Latin diva all within a 3 minute time span.  But despite how strongly those 3 minute tunes make you feel like the newest member of America’s Best Dance Crew, you can’t gyrate your hips enough to  transform your body efficiently.  Yes, you might work up a little sweat, but you are missing a key element of training that all endos need.

 I know it seems like turning into a marathon runner will get you to finally shed those pesky pounds. But trust me. It won’t. Yes, in the beginning, we might lose a few pounds. But once we get comfortable with running, we plateau. Our bodies adapt to the long runs and we stop burning any fat during them. In fact, we start storing more fat because our bodies know that we have these long ass runs ahead of us and we might need extra energy for them! What a waste of Woman in a tree posesix miles, not to mention the hours it takes!

YOGA I’ve done yoga on more than a handful of occasions. And sure, I felt relaxed and limber when I finally woke up after falling asleep in Shavasana. But rested and limber are not burning fat and building muscle. Yoga might be good for flexibility, but it won’t get results for an endo.

HOPING FOR A MIRACLE Well this one is obvious.  If you want to say “eff genetics,” and get the body want, you have to do something about it.  Get off the couch and into gym. 

So what WILL get you results?

High intensity strength training.  Well that don’t sound quite as fun as shaking your backside to some Ricky Martin jams. But strength training doesn’t have to be boring if you train with the right peeps.

So why do you need strength training instead of Zumba? 

Remember back to that science junk we reviewed at the beginning? In order for your body to call on the triglycerides from the fat cells, you first have to burn through the glucose already stored in your muscles and liver.  That means you need a little high intensity energy.  And yes, Zumba can shoot your heart rate up, but Zumba won’t deplete your energy stores like a little strength training does.   Once your energy stores are depleted, you tap into those bad boy fat cells to start the shrinking process.  Zumba also won’t break down your muscles like strength training. So if there is no muscle breakdown, there is no muscle growth.

Okay, okay, strength training is the key.   

So what kind of strength training do you do?   

Compound movements (CM) are the best kept secret in fitness.  And they’re a kept secret because most people don’t know what they are, yet they already do them regularly.   A compound movement is an exercise that uses at least two major muscle groups.  Typically, it involves one major muscle group doing most of the work and one or two smaller muscle groups that try to draft off the big one. But that’s okay because those little guys are still getting in a little extra work. 

Why are these compound movements so important for endos? I could go on forever, but instead, I will give you the list for 

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Compound Movements  

5. Let’s be honest, who wants to spend all day in the gym? We want efficiency so that means we need to pump out that workout quickly and get on with our days.   CM  combine multiple  muscle groups allowing you to kill two birds with one stone (or two muscles with one exercise).

4. Your cardiovascular health improves with CM.   More muscles are asking for more oxygen so your heart learns how to pump oxygen and blood more efficiently.  The more you use CM for training, the more you strengthen your heart. 

3. When you recruit two muscle groups to work in sync, you can lift more weight.  Well that seems obvious.  But in case it doesn’t, think of it like this. Is it easier to add 10 pounds to your squat (a compound movement with multiple muscle groups) or to a bicep curl (an isolation movement with only one group)? Yep the compound movements can help you power through heavier weights. Since you can lift more weight, your strength increases at a faster rate and you become a badass in the squat rack.  

2. CM  force  your joints to practice moving.  And since your joints move constantly in your normal daily activities, you want to have stable joints.  CM train your joints to move in functional ways and prevent future injuries.  No more of those sprained ankles or hurt knees from simple things like walking up the stairs (I can’t be the only one who as done this).  

1.  CM  burn  more fat than isolation exercises.  When you have two muscles working, both need more oxygen and energy.  Since both are using energy, you burn through your energy stores faster. That means you tap into the fat stores and shrink those babies down.    This is key for us endos! Reason alone to use compound movements!

So  endos  need compound movements. Check.  

How do we build a workout around these movements? 

Circuit Training and Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) combine multiple exercises with very little rest in between.

Circuit Training traditionally focuses on a total body workout at a high intensity (so you can feel the burn as you drip sweat and elevate your heart rate).

MRT usually includes 3-4 exercises done in an interval style (think 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest).

These training styles work for endos because you have high intensity exercises mixed with very little breaks. You keep your heart rate elevated, your muscles calling for energy, and your body breaking down your fat stores. Burning muscle and building fat at the same time! 

Woman doing a pushup looking forward smiling

And the final component of the Endomorph training puzzle:

Density Training!

Density training is one of the most powerful workout styles for endos. But sadly, not every trainer designs workouts based on this regimen.

Why? Because it takes time and lots of knowledge. And some trainers (not ours at the Lab, of course) are lazy are not willing to design a program like this.

Density training focuses on super high intensity movements done in a very short period of time. Just think: how many burpees can you REALLY power through in 10 seconds? But, each set of the workout varies in either the time you have to complete the moves or the number of reps you have to complete. The workout is scientifically varied to keep you working at your max effort! There is no better way to burn fat than this! And no, density training is not the only important element of your training – but for fast and efficient results, it needs to be included!

So to summarize:

Endomorphs need a workout based on:

1. Compound Movements
2. High intensity exercises
3. Short rest periods
4. Density training

Understand the basic concepts, but not really sure how to make a workout with them? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back (and biceps and shoulders and glutes and quads).

Just click the link for FREE TWO-WEEK TOTAL BODY WORKOUT DESIGNED FOR YOUR BODY TYPE! It will definitely get your blasting fat and building muscle! And we promise there is no BS.

Endomorph Training Guide




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