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Mesomorph Training Guide

Mesomorph body types pretty much have the best of all worlds.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to transform your body. But it can be “easier” for mesos to gain muscle and blast fat than it is for other body types.Fit woman in a sports bra and spandex shorts

Since mesomorphs have the best of all worlds (at least when it comes to natural athletics), you can see results through different types of training.

So the key element of mesomorph training is finding the right training style for you. If you try one program for awhile and aren’t finding the results you want, you might need to try something new.

Yep, that seems pretty obvious. And within your training style, you need to build in some variety. Because even a dog would get bored running the same course every day.

Side Note: Make sure you give any program time to work. Although variety is good, consistency is even better. Stick to a program for a minimum of 4 weeks before jumping ship. Give your program a chance to do its thing. Nothing will work right away, so be patient.   

Because for you lucky mesos, you could see results with almost any type of workout. But, if you really want look like Mr. America, you would have to follow a seriously organized plan. Yes, you can build muscle and burn fat from almost any exercise. But your goals will change the type of training you do.

For general fat loss and muscle growth, you just have to be consistent and put in some solid effort!

Yes that means even though you can sit on the couch 6 days without lifting a finger and still look like you hit the gym on the daily… you need to get up and move if you want your body too transform (come on, you know you want that six-pack…).

So if you haven’t found a training style you like, here are some of our favorite programs and workouts that you can start incorporating into your fitness plan.


Most of us have heard about hypertrophy training. But what hypertrophy really means is an increase in size. So the goal of the workout is to increase the muscle size. Super. And simple.  And since it’s so simple, we will complexify it for you just a smidge. 

There are three different science-y junk ways to reach hypertrophy.

Myofibril Hypertrophy: This actually increases the size of your muscle fibers by breaking down those muscle fibers and rebuilding them. The muscle grows because the individual fibers grow. This gives you dense muscles and an increase in strength.

Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy: This form increases the volume of the muscle. And to increase the volume, you increase the fluids or gel-like substances that surround the muscle – like the glycogen, water, minerals, etc. The muscle fiber is the same size, but the fluids around the fiber increase in volume.

Transient Hypertrophy: This form of hypertrophy is more short term (so if you want to get swoll to impress someone next to you, this is what you are looking for). This is the “pump” you feel in your muscles during and immediately after a workout. The pump is from the fluid build up in the intracellular spaces. The blood rushes into the muscle and makes us feel swoll – but this only lasts for a short while. So this isn’t any type of lasting increase in strength or size, just the temporary stuff for the quick flex for that hottie.

So depending on which one of these is your goal, your workout changes.

So when your goal is to build muscle AND burn fat, you need to focus on exercise movements that will do just that.

So what do you do to build muscle AND burn fat? You need to combine compound AND isolation moments.

And the magic ratio: 2 compound movements for every 1 isolation movement.

COMPOUND AND ISOLATION EXERCISESFit woman doing dead lifts with a barbell

Compound movements are exercises that use at least two MAJOR muscle groups. For these, think about dead lifts or pulls ups.  For most of these exercises, one of the major muscles groups is really doing the majority of the work while the other muscle group (or two or three) are drafting off the effort of the primary one. But that’s okay, because even that little extra effort is good for the muscles.

Isolation exercises “isolate” one single muscle group (thank you Captain Obvious).  To picture this, think of a bicep curl.  When you curl, you restrict all other muscle involvement in order to focus solely on your bicep (and yes, this bicep curl will do more for muscle growth than eating pizza ever will).

If you want to get all-technical, you really don’t isolate a single muscle group because even in a bicep curl, your forearm, hands, and fingers all have muscles that are engaged. So an isolation exercise is really restricting one single MAJOR muscle group – in this case, the bicep.

So why the 2:1 ratio?

For mesomorph body types that can see results with nearly any type of workout, it’s easy to fall into the Rut of Laziness. You go to the gym and only do isolation exercises. Your heart rate stays low, but hey, you feel like you are getting in a workout! After all, you can curl more than Skinny Pete next to you!

But what you are NOT doing with iso exercises is burning your fat stores. So yes, you might be adding a little muscle and strength, but you aren’t shredding that fat.

Your body is ready to shred the fat, but you have to do the right moves. That means compound exercises.

Compound exercises will elevate your heart rate, improve your cardiovascular health, increase your strength faster, and blast your fat stores. Sounds like a win-win (-win-win) to me!

So next time you want to spend 10 minutes doing curls, make sure you follow it up with something compound – like squats or pull ups. And if you’re stuck in your boring rut, here is our favorite workout style to hype up your energy!


EMOTM stands for every minute on the minute. At the top of each minute, you perform the specified number of reps for the specific exercise. So yes, the clock decides when you work and when you rest. The clock beeps and you start busting you butt. Finish your reps, fast? Super, plenty of time to catch your breath. Lolly-gag through them? Joke’s on you, you hardly get time to breath. That dictator clock stops for no one!

So why do we love this workout?

The clock keeps you accountable:
You don’t get to slack off in your rest time. Rest time isn’t designed to chit chat or send some texts (or check in at the gym to prove to your FB friends that you workout – your body transformation should be proof alone). Your rest is to recover enough energy to survive the next minute! So EMOTM keeps you accountable to the exercise AND the rest.

You can track your consistency:
If you finished the reps in 35 seconds in the first round, but it takes 45 seconds in the second round, you know you could have pushed harder. You can keep yourself consistently pushing for your max effort on each round. No slackers here.

You can build in variety:
Even though you’re controlled by the clock (we say that like you have no choice to stop… but really, you don’t. We aren’t quitters), you don’t have to have a boring workout. There are endless possibilities for switching this up. You can include multiple exercises within the one minute time frame (5 burpees, 5 tuck jumps, and 5 pushups) or you can alternate exercises between the minutes (even numbered minutes are box jumps and odd numbered minutes are power cleans). And depending on your exercise, you could be doing lots of reps (tuck jumps) or only a few reps (squat cleans). See, endless possibilities!

Plus, there is nothing better at getting your heart rate and nerves elevated as you race the clock and compete against yourself (or your fitness buddy next to you – whose butt you are probably kicking)!

If this isn’t your style, we also love us some Density Training to blast fat and build muscle!


Density is the amount of work you are doing in a given time frame. 

DT is another program based on the clock. And each set, you ramp up your intensity a bit. So this is seriously NOT for slackers.

Let’s clear up the DT process with an example.

The dreaded exercise: burpees.

The first set of the series: complete as many burpees as you can in 30 seconds. 

Round two; you better get that same number of burpees, but you only get 25 seconds to get them.

Round three: Okay, let’s stay at 25 seconds, but you better get even more burpees this time!

And round four: Hit that same high burpee number in only 20 seconds.DT requires you to bust your balls. This will blast your fat and build your muscle for sure.

So why doesn’t everyone do this?

Because it takes time to plan (not to mention you have to bust your balls – not everyone is ready for some serious work!). Sure, the burpee example is a simple one. But when you start combining multiple exercise with varying weights – you can get yourself into a quite a complex pickle. (Luckily, our badass trainers at the Lab know how to sort it all out for you).

So moral of the story – DT is awesome at blasting fat and building muscle for you mesos.
Remember, it doesn’t really matter which program you follow. Unless of course you want to be that ultra tan beast walking around the beach in shorty-shorts (if this is you, we applaud you!).  Fit man without a shirt showing his abs

That type of muscle building requires a specific program.

For the rest of you mesomorph body types just looking to live the good life with some impressive muscle definition, flat abs, and oh so good looks, just follow our suggestions:

1. Add variety to your workouts. No, you don’t have to completely change up your workout style if you already enjoy what you do! But you do need some switch ups. So change you up reps, your number of sets, your weights, your cardio, and your timing once every few weeks. Without this variety, you will get stuck on those monster plateaus that we just can’t seem to jump off of! You also prevent boredom, which keeps you motivated for your workouts! Bonus!

2. Stay consistent. If you want to burn fat and build muscle, you can’t just workout every once in awhile. Find a program and stick to it!

3. Remember your macros. Yes, you have big flexibility in your nutrition plans, but you still need more than pizza to grow those biceps!

Simple. You lucky ducks. Just get your butt into the gym and get crazy wit it!

Understand the basic concepts, but not really sure how to make a workout with them? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back (and biceps and shoulders and glutes and quads).

Just click the link for FREE ONE-WEEK TOTAL BODY WORKOUT DESIGNED FOR YOUR BODY TYPE! It will definitely get your blasting fat and building muscle! And we promise there is no BS.

Mesomorph Training Guide




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