Are Your Fat Burning Supplements Making You Fat?

are your fat burning supplements making you fat

Everywhere you turn, you are BOMBARDED with information about how to lose weight, drop fat fast, get bigger muscles, and on and on and on…

We’re a body-conscious, sex crazed culture and looks are (almost) everything.

So of course, any smart supplement manufacturer will capitalize on the opportunity to create and sell fat burning supplements.  It’s wise business, right?

But even though the fat loss knowledge and fat burning supplements are more available than they ever were – we (as in our society) keeps getting fatter.

So what gives?

Here’s the real deal holyfield truth: there is no shortcut to losing fat.

Those fat burning supplements are NOT your best friend when it comes to your fat loss goals. And stay tuned, because yes, I’m going to tell you why.

First – how do these fat loss magic pills even work?

Most fat loss supplements are made from stimulants.   You pop one and get about a 5-15 minute release of epinephrine and norepinephrine from your adrenal glands.   That’s where your bursts of energy come from – these hormones give your central nervous system a supercharge so everything starts firing a little faster and a little bit stronger.

So this rush of energy can help us burn fat. In short – those chemicals gives us a slight increase in blood sugar levels to give us a little more something to burn. The energy surge. But it also releases lipids into the blood stream, the stuff that helps us break down fat deposits to use for that energy.  So we’re burning fat to get more energy.  

So high energy and fat loss happens. Sounds all unicorns and rainbows right? Instant fat loss!

The problem with this situation? Too much of a good thing, becomes a bad thing.

Here’s what I mean:

That adrenal gland that released those fat burning hormones is also responsible for our stress responses, our fight or flight. If danger is imminent, our bodies will likely need a rush of energy. So those hormones are released and we get a charge of energy to outrun a bear or lift a burning vehicle or something just as heroic.

But today, almost 90% of Americans are overstressed. Work, relationships, kids, lack of sleep, school work, crappy diets – they all tell that adrenal gland that you’ve got stress.

So we live in a state of chronic stress. Those adrenal glands are already working hard.   And the fat burning supps send them into overdrive.

And that’s where all the bad things happen.

Because your body is already constantly flooded with adrenaline and epinephrine, your receptors are less and less responsive. That means it takes more and more hormones for you to get that energy rush.

Think about coffee. It’s another stimulant just like the ones you produce. The first time you sipped a mug, it probably gave you the jitters. Now you could drink an entire pot and feel zilch. You become accustomed to the effects and now need more and more to feel it.

Same with your adrenal hormones.

But our bodies have super protector factors. Because those fat burning supps release the same hormone that STRESS does – our body does not see more as a good thing. It sees it as serious trouble.

Your brain recognizes more and more hormones are getting released, assumes it’s all stress related, and decides to going into preservation mode.

That means: 

  • You start storing fat in your cells in case the upcoming emergency includes lack of food
  • Your metabolism, digestion and other fat burning actions slow down, because you’re body wants to conserve energy to put into other areas that would be far more important in a real emergency – like having to outrun a bear.
  • And your nerves continue to fire rapidly, eventually tiring and leaving you crashing, fatigued and just plain run down.

None of those help with getting that slim, trim and shredded body those fat burning supplements promised.

So BEFORE you look for a quick fix in magical pixie dust of fat burning supplements, try a few other things FIRST.

  1. Change your diet. Eat a butt ton of vegetables, a good amount of fat, some protein and few fruits and gluten free starches. Stick to that for a few weeks to keep your liver and gut health optimal. Stabilize your blood sugars, allow your stress hormones to calm and watch your body drop fat.
  1. Improve your sleep. It’s far more important than anyone gives it credit for. Sleep is when your body rebalances. Your hormones stabilize, your adrenal gland can rest and your fatigued nerves can recover.
  1. And manage your stress. I know – easier said than done. But practice gratitude. Reduce your work hours. Get out of a toxic relationship. Do what you need to do for YOURSELF to live a happy life.

Pair these 3 ‘natural fat burners’ with a solid training program and I guarantee you’ll see far better results than anything that comes in a bottle can give you.


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