So…. the UGL is NOT a Gym???

We don’t lease our equipment or charge a fee to allow casual individuals to wander our facility mindlessly, that would imply us to be an ordinary gym.  In order to have access to our facility you must have a directed path from one of our fitness coaches.  By working with one of our coaches, that will give you automatic admittance to our facility and a well thought out strategy to use your time efficiently and accordingly while practicing safely.  We pride ourselves in having a clean, effective facility with supportive and accommodating staff to facilitate your fitness journey and requirements. We are a private training studio, but not a gym.

What does it mean that you’re Private?

When genuine physical fitness is the norm for so few, it is hard to avoid being dragged into the jungle of the glossy and shiny objects. It has taken us a long while to realize and accept it, but we’ve finally acknowledge that you become what you do. How and what you become depends on environmental influence(s), therefore you become who you hang around. Raise the standard your peers must meet and you’ll raise your expectations of yourself.  If your environment is not making you better, change it.  We did and slowly we’re learning how to become a genuine power of one fitness community.

We surround ourselves with people like ourselves and with those who we admire and want to become.  Instead of banning discomfort, we prescribe it.  Give it a try and you, too, will crave it. When we exercise we also exorcise; it’s our goal for all of our beloved members.  We value horsepower ahead of appearance, not vice-versa.  We control our modest environment to produce the results we seek.

The UGL is private.  Rules and standards are distinct from the norm, therefore underground.  Private simply implies safely controlled, which means the UGL is not open to everyone.  However, private does not mean closed; merely a controlled environment where we seek happiness and fitness success.

Am I fit enough to train at the UGL?

Judgment is far from what we do here at the UGL.  We assess and physically diagnose to give you a professional path to enhance your personal physical requirements.  We specialize in providing individual personal revolutions in the area of physical transformation or athletic enhancements.  We welcome anyone with an open mind and arms as long as you bring a great attitude.  You better believe that no matter how fit or unfit you are, you will be warmly welcomed.

Money is just not enough…

One of our biggest motives we obligate at the UGL is a sense of closeness, friendship, respect and family atmosphere.  We protect this with high regards.  We only take on prospect clients that fit our community frame and appreciate being a part of a close team unity.  Money is mute at the UGL.

What the Heck is a Fitness Module?

Fitness Modules are large group fitness sessions that are carefully programmed in unconventional ways to ensure athletic performance and positive physical changes.  These “Fit’Mod” sessions are not random workouts. We spend a great deal of time engineering these large group fitness sessions and focus on the smallest details that makes for a great fitness program.  Although they are programmed well in advanced and are written in a very eccentric style, very rarely will you perform the same workout twice. By following our programming formula we keep the integrity of the UGL platform while changing the variation and segments to keep our members satisfied, constantly learning new and cutting edge fitness techniques while seeing great fitness results. These sessions are offered through the day and never exceed 15 people per session. These are not fitness classes or random boot-camp classes.  “Fit’Mods” is a large group fitness program broken into 4 phases (modules) annually. We call them the UGL fitness modules. Hands down the best large group fitness experience around.

Can I work out on my own while a Fitness Module is in session?

Absolutely, if you’re part of any of our programs (Fitness Modules, Semi-Private Coaching, or Private Coaching), you may train at any time during our hours of operations.

Do I have to use all my sessions allotted for the week?

We do not consider any of our training packages to have a designated number of sessions per month. We only consider our packages to have two options, two times per week or three times per week for a designated amount of months depending on the program chosen. We do not roll sessions over to the following month.  However, arrangements can be made with your featured coach if given a notice well in advanced.

Do I have to think about changing my diet?

We believe in Mindset, Prehab, mobility, nutrition, proper programing and cool down. Each of these we trust to be the pillars for health and fitness triumph. As part of your fitness program we will assist you with each of these. We will get you on the correct path to achieve your desired results. We highly encourage you to request assistance for any of these pillars at any given moment. Our job is to support and teach you as much as possible. Don’t be shy, we’re here for you!

What is the cost of membership?

We have set prices for every service we provide. However every program is priced differently and it all our programs vary depending on agreement term, style of program and session duration. We have programs that virtually fit all budgets,  from 1 session to 5 sessions per week. Our goal is to guide you to the best of our ability depending on your goals.  We highly encourage anyone interested in training at the UGL to simply give us a ring or simply stop by during our hours of operations and check us out for yourself.  First workout is always on us, so come on down and jump in on the fun! 

Do I need to be in shape before I start? 

Psssh… NO!  That’s why we are here!  We are here to help you get as fit as possible, as fast as possible!  When you walk through our door you will receive elite fitness coaching.  It’s possible that you may need the workouts to be scaled to your current level of fitness.  We estimate that 80% of the time we have to modify the workouts for our members.  Since everyone does it, it’s no big deal.  I promise you won’t be judged for it!

What if I can’t do push ups, pull ups and all these tough movements? 

Want to know a secret?  When you train at UGL you will be doing pull-ups!  We have many ways to scale the exercise so that you can do perform the movement safely and easily regardless of your current level of upper body strength.  We have a long list of men and women who had never performed a real pull-up before training here that now can do quite a few without an ounce of assistance!

I recently suffered an injury, can I still train?

Absolutely!  The worst thing you can do when you get hurt is neglect the rest of your body.  Shoulder injury?  You still have a good arm, your core/torso, 2 legs and a heart that would love stay strong why you rehab your bum limb.  Always ask your doctor to explain the exercises/activities that you CAN do, and not simply the things that you can’t!  We can always find a way to help you make progress and look great without causing pain to your injury, and more importantly do our best to make it better in the process.  We don’t claim to be physical therapists, but we do know some great ones to which we can refer you if necessary.  Always good to have a network and a great team that will be cheering you on!