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Why are some healthy foods missing?

Many foods out there have been marketed to be healthy options, like whole grain breads or yogurts. But although there might be a place in your meal plan for these foods, they are not going to get you to your fat loss goals. You body requires very specific nutrients, and there are foods that provide these nutrients better than others. Since the Dirty 30 is only 30 days, we want to give you the biggest bang for your buck by choosing on the ultimate foods for your hormone needs. So some seemingly healthy foods have been purposely left off the meal plan because they will not give you fast and furious fat loss.

What about dairy?

Dairy is included in the Dirty 30 Meal Plan in very limited amounts as part of the Fat selection. For most people, dairy causes a great amount of inflammation which in turn increases your fat stores. When fat loss is your goal, the best way to get there is by eliminating dairy. But we know that many people like cream in their coffee or prefer a little cheese to add flavor to their foods, so we have added dairy in your plan in sparing amounts.

What about fruits?

Fruits are another one of those “seemingly healthy foods.” They are packed with vitamins and minerals that are great for your body. But they also contain a high amount of fructose. That fructose gets broken down in your body the same way other sugars do. And too many carbs or sugars means more fat storing. We have included a small amount of fruit in your plan but we have only selected the optimal fruits for your hormones.

What about artificial, no calorie sugars?

Our bodies are very complex. There is a great amount of research out there that suggests when you’re eating no calorie sugars or foods, your digestion and hormones kick on the same way they would if you had calorie packed food. So those chemicals can screw with your hormones the same amount, if not more, than the real sugar. But part of this challenge is also about kicking cravings – eliminating our need for those foods and replacing them with quality ingredients instead. So we hav eliminated these from the meal plan completely.

What about sugar free energy drinks, sodas, etc?

Sorry but we are nixing all of these too. The fake chemicals and sugars can screw with your hormones and digestion and may contribute to your fat stores. And those types of beverages also have such high levels of acid that they can break down your tooth enamel and wear your stomach and intestine linings, making it harder to absorb the nutrient dense foods you should be eating. If you need a caffeine fix, try drinking coffee or tea – these are more natural alternatives without the negative side effects.

How do I know if certain condiments or sauces are acceptable?

Always, always, always read labels! You want to choose condiments or sauces that have the fewest ingredients, only ingredients you can pronounce, and absolutely no real or artificial sugars! These sugars can hide in salsas, mustards, salad dressings, etc. But there are options that are sugar free and much more natural. Read the labels and make your best guess about the healthiest and most natural selection.

How do I make my food more flavorful?

We have been so used to dousing our foods in sugar laden sauces and gravies to make them tastier. But here’s a secret – when you buy organic, free range meats, they are packed with tons more flavor than the modified stuff. Adding a little coarse sea salt and fresh ground pepper can go a long way for these flavorful meats. But the other way we add flavor is by cooking them in oil. You can use your Oil/Fat nutrient requirements to cook your meats or veggies in to enhance the flavors. And of course, you can always experiment with fresh hers and spices. Just try and stick to the most raw and natural forms. Some pre-mixed spices, like taco seasonings, can contain a surprising amount of sugar in them.

Can I use fruit instead of starches?

It is true that starches and fruits are both carbs, but they can impact our hormones in different ways. It is best to follow the meal plan and only eat fruits when they are included as options. If you eat more fruit than is directed, you will continue to feed your sugar cravings making them even harder to resist. If you must have more fruit, use fruit as your Free Food selections.

How do I know what a serving size is?

On your food lists, we have indicated what the serving size is for most of the foods. All of the proteins have their individual serving sizes listed which are different for men and women. On the other nutrients, there is a general rule of thumb for the serving size. If a specific food has a different serving, we have indicated that specific serving size next to that specific food.

 Why are some serving sizes different for the same nutrient groups?

Not all foods have been created equal. So a serving of chicken breast will be different than a serving of beef. Although both proteins, they will impact your body differently and are made of different nutrient, calorie and fat ratios.   Because of this, we adjust serving sizes to make each selection comparable.

Can I substitute a food for something similar?

To get the most out of this meal plan, we recommend following it exactly. We have specifically selected the best foods for your hormones, but of course, how closely you follow the meal plan is up to your discretion.

What if I cannot afford the organic, free range, hormone free, foods?

We understand, the healthier foods can be expensive! But remember, you can invest in your health now through quality foods and successful training programs, or you can pay for it later though poor health, insurance costs or unhappiness with your body. If you are struggling to afford these quality foods, just do the best you can. Prioritize quality meats and vegetables first and then splurge on the other nutrients if you are able.

Do I have to use a scale to measure my protein servings?

We know this is annoying. But if you have access to a food scale, then it is in your best interest to measure your food for a few days. We often think we know what a serving size is, but when we measure, we end up way off! For a good rule of thumb, 4 oz of meat is about the size of a deck of cards or the palm of your hand – a much smaller size than you will find at almost any restaurant. After a few days of measuring, you should be able to eyeball more appropriate serving sizes.

Do I have to have the Super Green Smoothies?

The smoothies are the best way to get a powerful pack of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.   Now we could just have you eat a salad, but making a smoothie, actually blending the ingredients makes it much easier for your body to absorb the nutrients from the foods (crazy we know!).  Plus the coconut liquid bases have great health benefits.  We recommend drinking these smoothies when instructed on your meal plan, but you could choose to eat the ingredients separately rather then blend into a beverage if you prefer. 

Can I use different fruits in the Super Green Smoothies?

The fruits included on your Super Green Smoothie list are going to be the best options for you! The sugar content of these fruits is low, nutrient density high and some have other natural occurring enzymes that help you shed fat!  So stick with these for best fat loss results! If you are tired of them, try mixing fruits together to put into your smoothie for a slightly different flavor. 

Can I have almonds as a protein source?

Almonds and other nuts are not included as a protein source because they really have a very low protein content in relation to the high amount of calories and fat.  They are a healthy kind of fat, but unfortunately, they are not the best kind of fat for shifting our metabolism into burning fat for fuel.  And we did not include nuts on our plan because almost everyone ends up abusing how much they eat which can throw off their results.


Do I have to follow the meal plan?

We can’t make you do anything 🙂 If you want to follow the meal plan, the one we know will give you results, then power to you. If you have concerns with this plan or have another plan you prefer, than that choice is up to you!

What is FF?

On your weekly meal plans, FF stands for Free Food. This is when you get to “cheat.” You can select any food you wish, but make sure you are eating an appropriate portion size – not going to crazy.

I can’t watch the videos, what do I do?

If you aren’t able to view the videos or download the files, you can email us at fit@uglfitness.com and let us know. We will do what we can to get you the information!

How do I know which body type is me?

To know which body type is more like you, think about where you store most of your fat or where it’s the hardest to lose. Usually, we either dominantly store it in our belly or in our butt/thighs. Based on where you store it, pick the image that correlates with that choice.

Can I change the days of my FF, like if I have an event I want to “cheat” on my diet at?

We have structured your meal plan very specifically and it’s best to follow it as close as possible. We have included FFs most often on Wednesdays and Saturdays to try and align with when most people want to “cheat.” But we have also structured the rest of the week to account for those days. The day prior and after those FF days are very specific to account for the FF – to get your glucose and glycogen stores back down and rebalance your hormones. If you must change the days of your FF, just make sure you are not having two FF days in a row.

Can I switch the ordering of the fuels – for example, I would rather have the nutrient choices from Fuel 2 as my first meal of the day, etc.?

We have done the research and know that the order we provide you with nutrients though the day is optimal for fat loss. Our bodies require different nutrients at different times and we have built this into the plan. We recommend following the plan exactly for best results.


How do I sign up for sessions?

In order to sign up for Fitness Modules, you will first need to create your online account. That can be done here – Create an Account. Once you have done that, it usually takes 24 hours to active. When your account is active, you can log back into your account and sign up for any of the Fit Mod sessions.

How often do I need to workout?

This depends on what your current Fitness Level is. For beginners, it may be best for you to workout 2-3 times per week. For more advanced participants, you may see better results with 4-5 sessions per week. Always listen to your body. And if you aren’t seeing the results you want, talk with one of our coaches. They may give you tips for how to get more out of your workouts.

What if I can’t make many of the workouts?

We know it can be hard to prioritize your training. Of course, we want to see your face in the Lab so we can help push you forward! But if none of our session times work for you, talk with us about what other options there might be to train on your own at the Lab and how to know what workouts to do. Or if you were an early bird sign up, you can follow the at-home workout guide to keep your training moving forward.

Can I go to both Lawrence and Overland Park Fitness Modules?

Yes! Just make sure you sign up for every session!

Can I bring a friend with me to the workouts, even if they aren’t in the challenge?

We hear this a lot! You start dropping fat like crazy and your friends get jealous and want to see your secret! If you have a friend that wants to come check out the Lab, we would love to show them around. Here is the best way to do this – let your coach know that you have someone to bring to one of our workouts. If there is space in that workout, your coach will let you know they can attend. If that workout time is always full, then the best way is to email us and let us know your friend’s name! We can contact them and set up a better time for them to come visit!

When do we do the at-home workouts?

The at-home workout guide was provided to all early bird sign ups. Those can be used at your discretion – days you planned to train but weren’t able to get to the Lab or maybe days you are traveling for work.

What if I am injured?

If you are injured, then it is important to listen to your body and give it the rest it needs. If there are still exercises you are able to safely do, you may be able to come train on your own at the Lab. But if you are not medically cleared to workout, it is very important to follow your meal plan closely in order to keep burning fat.

What if I can’t do exercises like burpees, pull ups or pushups?

That’s okay! Everyone has to start somewhere! All of our Fitness Modules are scalable for any fitness level! If an exercise is to challenging or concerning to you, just let our coaches know and they will help scale that exercise to your fitness level.

Can I workout on my own instead?

Absolutely! Our Fitness Module training program follows a system designed to shed fat. But if you follow another program, than that’s up to you!

Do my teammates and I have to workout together?

Nope. We know that everyone’s schedules get busy and it’s hard to coordinate training times. Of course it would be more fun with your friends, but it is not a requirement.


How do I schedule my initial or final measurement?

You can call us at 785-312-9862 and talk with Erin. Erin will schedule your initial and final measurement for you. Just make sure you arrive on time to those appointments. If you are late or miss it, you may have to reschedule (and that usually means a less convenient time for you).

What if I have to be gone during the measurement days?

If this is the case, contact us and let us know! We will work with you to make sure you get a measurement day to get your results.

How do you choose the winning team?

The team with the highest average fat loss is the grand prize winner! So whether you’re a team of 1 or team of 4, we still take the average!


What is the D30C Throwdown?

The D30C Throwdown is a TEAM WORKOUT! We’re having it on April 9th at 9AM at the Lawrence Lab. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you’re a team of one or 4, from Lawrence or OP, we can’t wait to have you! It’s going to be awesome so make sure you put it on your calendar and plan to bring your team!

Can someone join the challenge late?

Registration closes on April 3rd. Any requests to join the challenge after this date will be made on a case by case basis.

What if I change my mind about the challenge, can I get a refund?

Because we’re giving so much support for such an incredible rate, we are only able to give a refund of 75% of your entry fee if requested prior to April 11th – that’s because some of those darn costs we just can’t get back!  And the cost of supplements in the Premium Package unfortunately cannot be refunded. After April 11th, we won’t be able to issue any refunds. But of course, we want you to have a kickass experience so if something’s concerning or you’re not enjoying the program, let us know so we can change things!

How do I join the Accountability Facebook Group? 

Just click here to join our Facebook Group!  

How do we use the Accountability Facebook Group? 

This group is a forum for you to ask questions, give answers and support your fellow challenge goers! You can share your struggles or success!  Our coaches will pop in from time to time to answer questions, but we want this to be a network for you! So if someone has a question and you know the answer, feel free to chime in and share your support! 

What kind of fish oil should I get?

There are lots of different brands of fish oil out there and you can pick some up easily at your local grocery store. To find a good brand that your local store carries, we recommend looking at a website like Labdoor – an independent company that evaluates the quality of supplements you can buy in stores.

But if you don’t want to research, we also sell our favorite brand of fish oil – one that you can’t buy in stores (so you won’t find it on the Labdoor list). We have both capsule and liquid form available.  The liquid form is new and you can mix it into protein shakes or drizzle on food – just an easier way to get it in. Just send us an email at theundergroundlab@yahoo.com if you would like to order some. We will do our best to get it to you as quick as we can, but it will likely arrive shortly after the challenge begins. 

Should I be taking fish oil capsules outside of using them for one of my fats with a meal?

If you plan to take fish oil a few times per day, you can use them for multiple fats.  If you are just taking 2-3 grams each day, then just using it as one fat is good. And then you don’t need to take them outside of your nutrients – just with your meals is fine!  

Some people don’t want to use fish oil as their food requirements so they just take them as they would any other supplement and select another fat when a fueling dictates. However, we recommend including them into your meal plans as your fats since they do contain fat, but it’s your personal preference! 

How much Zinc should I take?

Zinc can be taken daily and you should take between 10 and 40 mg. Zinc is found naturally in red meats so if you are eating lots of lean beef, you could stay on the low end.  If you don’t like red meat or only eat it every once in awhile, then choose the higher end of the spectrum.  When buying it, look for elemental zinc.  Other forms it comes in are zinc sulfate, gluconate, citrate and these have different amounts of elemental zinc in them.  If you can’t find zinc element, these other choices are fine.  Just make sure to read the bottles and find one with 10-30mg of elemental zinc in it. 

How much Magnesium should I take?

Take between 200-400mg daily.  Make sure you take this with food so it doesn’t upset your stomach. 

What should I look for in a probiotic?

Try to find a brand that includes a minimum of 1 billion live bacteria.  The higher the count the better, but you always want to make sure it has the live stuff in it!  

Every grocery store carries different brands, but you can always check an independent third party site, like Labdoor, to see what brands get good ratings! This helps you pick out a quality brand that is actually filled with the things it should be, not fillers or artificial ingredients. 

What kind of protein powder should I get?

We recommend always picking protein that does not have soy.  Soy doesn’t work well for fat loss and it’s actually hard on the digestion for almost everyone.  We think whey protein is the best choice for fat loss, but you could also go with casein or a non-soy plant based option. And always read labels to check the carbs and sugar content, the lower the better.  Aim for 1 gram or less.