Carbs: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

the Truth about carbs

The Truth About Carbs

Remember back to simpler times when carbs were either simple or complex?  That’s all you needed to know about them. 

But in today’s complexity, we have even complexified our carbohydrates!  There are so many things to consider and it’s impossible to know how they fit into our diets!

Do you drop the breads and pastas?

Do you need the rice?  

Do they help build muscle?

Do they stop your fat burn?

So to clear it up for you – our most favorite wellness warriors – let’s start at the beginning.  

Carbohydrates 101: Everything you need to know about those pesky starches.

Pick your preferred method of learning below!  

But if you don’t need to know the why about carbs, just jump to the download for the Top 10 Carb Rules for Weight Loss! 

The Nerdy Version Carbs

The Quick and Dirty on Carbs

Top 10 Carb Rules for Weight Loss



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