GUEST POST: All About Candida

Candida: What's growing in your

All About Candida

Tisha Cullen, Neuromuscular Restoration Specialist

Pop Quiz: What do the following have in common?
  • Exhaustion
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Brain Fog
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Bloating
  • Recurring Infections, Sinus and Allergies

The Answer: CANDIDA

Candida is a fungus that lives in your gut and your mouth.  Now we all have a small amount because it helps us absorb nutrients from the foods we eat.

But candida is like a noxious weed, although native it grows out of control quickly!  And when it starts getting out of control, you get serious health problems!

An overgrowth of Candida can start breaking down the walls of your intestine and let toxic chemicals start pouring into your bloodstream, giving you serious issues like leaky gut, chronic fatigue syndrome and even depression! 

Candida is a loud, powerful yeast that wants to grow…it sends constant signals to your brain that yell “FEED ME!”.

What feeds Candida is the same thing that feeds any yeast:


Some of our favorite things!

But Candida can also start growing rampant from other things – like taking a round of antibiotics that kill off your healthy gut bacteria or even living a high stress life.

But one thing is for certain, if you crave starches, alcohol or sugar like your life depends on it, there is a good chance Candida is part of your problem! 

Ask yourself this: Does my body depend on sugar, alcohol and starch or is it the Candida in my gut? 

Since none of us need alcohol, sugars or starches to sustain life – you’re answer is probably that pesky Candida.

But the good news is: We can control it! 

Candida can be killed naturally and you can learn how to keep it from growing out of control.

The most obvious way is through your diet.  Because Candida feeds off those starches and sugars, it is important to eliminate (or greatly reduce) them in your daily intake.  But even if you follow an impeccable diet, it could still take 6 months before your Candida is under control!

And since we don’t want to battle carb and sugar cravings for 6 whole months, there are a few other tips and tricks to clear up that Candida and control those cravings faster.

1. Taking a daily probiotic will help boost the good bacteria in your gut.  These bacteria will help eliminate those toxins before they flow into your blood stream.  Make sure you look for a probiotic with a minimum of 1 billion live bacteria in it – but you could take up to 100 billion per day!

2.  Eat plenty of leafy greens. The good bacteria feed on leafy greens, so take your probiotic then feed those buggers with plenty of sustenance. 

3. Reduce the inflammation throughout your entire body.  For some this means eliminating all gluten, for others this could mean hydrating better or balancing your vitamin deficiencies.  With less inflammation, you can stop Candida from spreading throughout your gut. 

Candida can show up in different ways for each person.  And sometimes, even putting into practice the tips above isn’t enough to totally shake it’s control.  Because our bodies are complex inter-workings of muscles, hormones, and bacteria – we have to take a look at how all of these interact to feed your Candida control!  

If you’ve got suspicions that Candida might be controlling your cravings and your life, and can’t seem to shake it even through your diet, send us an email and let us know! We’ll be happy to see if our neuromuscular specialist can give you more tips specific for your own body and needs!

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