The Big 5 Jokes in Nutrition


Nutrition guidelines can play anyone for a fool. Don’t fall for these 5 big jokes from our nutrition industry or you may end up behind in your fat loss goals. 

We know that food companies do everything they can to get us to buy their products.   They might claim their product can help us shed fat, drop weight, or is a ‘heart healthy’ choice.

But more often than not, if what you’re buying has to advertise those claims, chances are, it really isn]n’t that good for you.

Don’t fall fool to these 5 nutrition jokes. 

Joke #1: Fat Free Foods Are Healthier Options

Always avoid foods that have been altered to be low fat or fat free – like cheese, salad dressings or peanut butter. You’re better off going with the real, full fat versions.

Our bodies need dietary fat in order to survive. It plays a huge role in all of our inner workings, from the creation of our cells to the process for absorbing nutrients.

But not only that, fat is what actually gives foods their flavor. When it’s removed, those food companies end up with a product that tastes a little something like cardboard. And that means that sugar (the real or the fake kind) and other “natural flavors” have to be added to make that food edible again.  And those are no bueno for our gut health or our fat stores. 

But don’t be fooled. Fat free foods are just junk foods in disguise.

Joke #2: Whole Grain Breads Are Heart Healthy

There’s a few things wrong with our impressions of eating whole grains.  Mainly – what we think of whole grain isn’t really whole grain at all.

If you think about what a grain is, it’s a little seed that contains 3 parts:Now, for something to be whole grain, it would have to include all three of these parts intact.  But our ‘whole grain breads’ actually don’t.  They might contain parts of these three, all ground up into refined dust.

But when this happens, they actually lose much of their nutritional value.  So they might be ‘parts of ground up whole grain’ but those breads don’t have nearly the nutrients that a real whole grain has.

But even if that bread was whole grain, it still wouldn’t be a great heart healthy choice for us since most of them have high gluten concentrates. Our bodies don’t process any gluten well. It causes chronic inflammation, damages our gut biome and give us very little nutrients for quite a bunch of calories.

Despite the whole grain and ‘heart healthy’ labels on your favorite loaf, you’re better off skipping the slices and reaching for potatoes or starchy veggies for your carb intake.

Joke #3: Packaged Foods With Added Proteins Are Good 

Sure, protein is absolutely vital to you. It does huge things for your muscles and your fat burn.   But the all wonderful perks of protein really only come from whole food protein sources – like chicken, steak, fish, etc.

When you buy prepackaged foods with “added protein,” like cereals or granola bars, you’re really just getting a boiled down form of processed protein.

Yes, it does have more protein. But it actually comes with 2 problems.

First, this processed form of protein isn’t really used or absorbed well in your body.  It doesn’t break down the same way a steak would in our body.  Which means we may eat it and excrete it without getting much benefit.

But second, processed protein has a pretty bland flavor. So when food makers add this blah ingredient, they have to balance it out with more flavor. And that means added sugars. Sugars that spike your insulin and increase your fat stores.

And that seems to me like it cancels out the benefit of that “high protein” cereal or granola bars. 

Skip the pre-packaged, modified protein sources and just eat the real stuff. 

Joke #4: Organic Processed Foods Are Better 

The word ‘organic’ tricks us into thinking something is healthy.

But an organic cookie is still a cookie. Organic ice cream is still ice cream.  

The ingredients may come from a safer, pesticide free place. But that doesn’t change the fact that what you are eating is still a processed food packed with “organic” sugar and carbs.  And those sugars and carbs are ultimately spiking your insulin, increasing  your fat stores and giving you weight and fat gain. Despite their organic nature. 

Joke #5: Anything ‘Natural’ Is Healthy

Just like ‘organic’ tricks us into thinking something’s healthy, the word ‘natural’ does the same thing – but worse.

The world ‘natural’ has no regulation by the FDA. That means food manufacturers can put it on anything they want.  Just to market it to people looking for healthier choices.

Over 60% of shoppers say they would pick the food labeled natural because they are led to believe it’s the healthiest choice.  When it really means nothing about the content of that food. 

Don’t fall for it. Read the ingredient list instead of the eye-catching labels on the front of the package. That will give you a better idea of what you’re really eating.

Don’t fall into these nutrition scams and jokes.  Just aim to eat real foods – veggies, meats and good for you fats – not the packaged foods that have to be marketed as healthy. 



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