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When life gets busy, the first thing that gets cut from your schedule is your fitness.  But we have an answer to that problem.   The Banger  is a training program to give you the most amount of benefit in the shortest amount of time.  Upgrade your health and fitness in just 30 minutes.



Research has repeatedly shown that just 30 minutes of training a few times a week can lead to incredible body transformations.  But where most people go wrong is they don’t do the right kind of training for those 30 minutes.  Spending that time on treadmills or walking isn’t going to shape your muscle, drop fat or slim down your pant size. 

But The Banger will.  We combine only the most effective fat burning and muscle building exercises into one high intensity session.  It’s the minimum amount of time required to see real results.



At each module, you have the ability to pick the workout that fits your fitness level.  Each workout is broken down into 3 progressions:  Level 1 for beginners, Level 2 for the intermediate and Level 3 for the advanced and elite.  But the coolest part is – even though you might be training with people of different abilities – you all get to do a similar workout, just tailored for your fitness.  No one to intimidate you and no one else slowing you down.

It’s just you against yourself (and maybe the clock).



Each Banger session accommodates 6 participants.  By keeping each session number low, our coaches are able to give each member individual attention, correct form and ensure all exercises are performed correctly and safely.  Not to mention that in a small group, your coach can help motivate and encourage to push yourself.

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What kind of workout can I expect?

The Banger is a high intensity workout in just 30 minutes. We start each module off with a warm up to increase your core temperature and loosen your muscles. And although this is usually the part people short on time want to skip, this is a very important part of the workout! But because we are all about time and efficiency, we include a very precise and specific warm up to get you into the workout quickly but safely.

Once the warm up is complete, you will go into the Banger workout. Our coach will demonstrate the exercises and the progressions so you can select the Level option that is best for your fitness abilities, then you get to work. The coach will direct the entire session, keep you on time and motivated through the entire session. Once the 30 minute mark hits, the workout is over and you are free to get back to your busy day!


How long until I see results?

This is a tricky question! Results happen at different times for everyone and unfortunately there is no sure fire way to predict results!   But your definition of ‘results’ also changes the time frame.

Usually, we see that after just one week of training, most people are very tired and sore, but notice that they feel physically better. They feel stronger, they have more energy and focus. And that comes from using your body in new ways and pumping more oxygenated blood around your entire body.

But for someone looking for muscle building or fat loss results, those take longer than a week. Some people can see big differences in a month, but other people may not see big changes for a few months. It all depends on the energy and intensity you put into your training AND your nutrition. But if you start the Banger and aren’t happy with your progress, talk to your coach. They can help give you tips and guidance for how to see faster results.


So are these like shortened Fit Mods?

The Banger follows a different training program than our Fitness Modules. Our Fitness Modules include mobility, neuromuscular activation and a strength and conditioning program based on the SPE System.  Instead of following this program, The Banger follows a training model based on short, effective and high-intensity training.  Each exercise is specifically selected to make sure each session is a challenging and complete total body workout with the minimum amount of time needed to see results. 


How do I sign up for the sessions?

The modules are scheduled just like all of our other training sessions. Just log into your online account, view the schedule and click to sign up for the session you want to attend!

One of the perks of the Banger modules is that we cap each session at 6 people. You must sign up to be able to train in that session. If you arrive without signing up, you may not be able to train if all of the spots are full. If you are not able to make it, we ask that you cancel your session at least 1 hour prior to the session to allow another member to take that spot if desired.

And to make it even easier, just download the UGL app to schedule or cancel sessions right from your phone.


When are the sessions offered?

Banger modules are offered every half hour from 6AM to 9AM, Monday through Friday. You are able to sign up for any of the sessions as long as there is a spot available!


How many sessions should I come to each week?

How often you train is up to you! We recommend attending a minimum of 3 modules per week to ensure you continue to see progress in your fitness.  


What are the membership options?

After your test drive is over, we’d love to have you stay with us! Not only because we think we’re cool people to be around 🙂  but we know we can help you find real results, just from 30 minute workouts.  Our Banger memberships options vary, depending on how often you want to train or how long you want to keep banging out workouts! Just let us know you’re interested and we’ll help you find the option that works best for you!


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