I am an Undergrounder


I will

Cause change
Try new things
Don’t lose track of the past or the path that led me here
Let the past influence the future
Do not dwell in that past
Don’t get stuck on a particular rung of the ladder
Try on many shoes
Reject stagnation
Understand the danger of repetition
Understand the value of repetition
Constantly shift focus from big picture to small detail, back and forth, back and forth, wide angle, zoom
Constantly shift focus from master to student and back in an instant.

Be dogmatic when it works
Be open and bending when that works
Hard works, soft also works, each appropriate to a moment.
Expect more from yourself, demand more from yourself
Do not settle for good enough unless the task does not truly matter
Obsession is how one gets things done passionately
Body teaches mind and vice-versa.
Learn with the body
Learn with the mind
Allow both to grow
Drive both to improve (according to the objectives)
Do not coast and never slack.

I will never over arrive
I will never “know”
I will only know how little I know
If and when I know more than others I will wear it on my sleeve, as a badge, as my standard. I will be ego-driven where appropriate and sometimes where it’s not. I will be ego-less where it is appropriate, and necessary. I will try not to get in my own way. I will use my talent instead of wasting it.

I will never be closed minded, but be one who holds others mind wide open.

I won’t make excuses when I fall short but
Instead I will make necessary corrections.

I am an Undergrounder


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