8 Diet Tips You’ve Already Heard but Don’t Follow


You’ve heard these before.  But I’m guessing you haven’t started following them.

1. Log Your Food

Underestimating how much you eat is day is the most common reason people don’t lose weight or fat. You think you eat healthy, but if you did an honest food journal – you’d probably be surprised. A cookie here, a bit there, a few pieces of leftover dinner adds up quick.   You can change anything if you don’t know what’s happening. So log every bite you eat and see where you’re actually missing the mark.

 2. Drink More Water

woman drinking water diet tips

We all know we should drink more water. But it’s easy to ignore it. Problem is, dehydration can actually be the cause of you weight loss plateau. When you’re dehydrated, your stress hormone cortisol increases. Because a dehydrated body is not thriving, your brain thinks you need to go into survival mode. And that increased cortisol tells your digestion and metabolism to slow and your fat stores to increase.   The simple truth – drink more water than you think you need.

3. Sleep More

The golden 8-hour rule is more a fantasy than reality for most of us.woman sleeping diet tips But just like dehydration stops your fat loss, so does lack of sleep. Your hormones are rulers of all -and without sleep they go wonky. Wonky hormones won’t let you lose fat – instead they try to store as much energy as they can to keep you awake and alert as possible.

4. Eat Your Vegetables

Your mom didn’t force you to eat veggies for fun. Veggies are nutrient gold.   They are packed with vitamins and minerals that help clean out your liver, your kidneys and your digestive functions to keep your gut healthy and your diet working for you.  The best tip – eat your veggies FIRST. Finish all the veggies for your meal, then dive into the rest of it. They will fill you up and keep you full (thank you fiber) to prevent you from jumping to the vending machine later.

5. Stop Eating Away from the Table

woman eating chips on a coach diet tips

People who eat in front of a screen or in the car are far more likely to overeat AND pick unhealthier choices. When you’re distracted, you ignore your “satiety cues” coming from the leptin hormone. You eat until your food is gone, not until your full. Eat at the table. Every meal.

6. Don’t Buy Junk

Simplest way not to eat junk? Don’t buy it. Don’t keep it in the house and you won’t be tempted to have it.   And no – don’t fool yourself – you’re not buying the junk just for the kids, they don’t need it either.

7. Eat More Fat

For anyone looking for fat loss, eating MORE fat is counterintuitive. It seems scary because in our twisted media, we think dietary fat = belly fat. Not so! Dietary fat, paired with protein, is actually the key way to LOSING belly fat. Fat covers our nerves, our cells, it transports nutrients and it’s the building block of tons of bodily processes. If you don’t have enough, your metabolism just won’t function efficiently. Increase your healthy fats, like coconut oil or avocados and decrease your carbs (yes, evening the seemingly healthy ones).

8. Find Ways to Monitor Your Emotions

Yep – all of us eat based on emotions. But if you’re struggling to lose fat, you HAVE to learn what’s behind that emotional eating. Are you sad, angry, tired (check out number 3), stressed? Whatever your trigger, become aware of it. Practice ways to minimize the trigger AND find new ways to deal with it that don’t involve food. Exercise, walk, call someone, distract yourself somehow away from the fridge.


They aren’t ground breaking. And I know you’ve heard them all before. The reason these 8 fat loss tips stick around is BECAUSE THEY WORK. If you’re struggling with weight or fat loss, then it’s time to stop ignoring them and put them into action.


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