7 day evolution

7 Day Evolution – Week 1

Diagram showing 7 Day Evolution process weekly challenges


We’re starting the Weekly Evolution series off with a doozy. Burpees. Everyone’s favorite exercise! Each day this week (that’s right, for 7 days straight), you get to do burpees.

Burpees are incredible for your body. Not only do they shoot your heart rate up to build endurance but they utilize tons of muscles for total body conditioning. And you don’t have any excuses: burpees can be taken anywhere, they require no equipment and anyone can do them. It doesn’t matter if you do this challenge right after your workouts, first thing in the morning or right before bed.

Remember, this is a challenge. The goal is to push yourself, overcome the discomfort and prove that you can do anything you put your mind to.

So here’s the challenge: Set your timer for 2 minutes and complete as many burpees as you possibly can in those 2 minutes! Write down your reps and then you’re done for the day! And tomorrow (and each day for the rest of the week), repeat the same thing. But each day, you must get more reps in the same 2-minute clock. That means you must push yourself harder each day. Don’t start off easy on day one, really push yourself to see how capable your body is. It’s only 2 minutes!

So this week, tackle the burpee challenge. It’s only 7 days, how hard can it really be?



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