7 day evolution

7 Day Evolution – Week 4


Every day of our lives, we have hundreds of moments where we can make choices to improve ourselves. To grow. To push. To change. But we aren’t always aware of these moments. We think that we have to have large chunks of time to dedicate to growth, when all we really need are short, little moments.

The Grid 100 is designed to bring awareness to those little moments of time throughout your day that could be used for growing.

Here’s how it works.

First – open the download at the end of this guide. You can print it out and tape it to your wall or fridge. But the visual of the Grid 100 will help explain how this challenge works.

Second – pick which exercise you will do for that day’s Grid 100. Let’s say you want to start your first challenge with squats. 

Third – find moments of growth and start filling them with squats!

From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, you need to find 100 moments to grow.   When the moment hits, do your squats (or other exercise). There’s no assigned number of reps to do – you can do 1 or 10 or go ham wild and do 30. It doesn’t matter; the goal is to do how many you feel is best for you in that moment of time.

Once your squats for that moment are done, get out your Grid 100 Tracker and write down, in the first little box, how many reps you did.

Then continue on with your day until the next moment of growth hits and you’re ready to do more squats. Write that number down in the second box.

Keep squatin’ throughout your day until all 100 boxes are filled and you had 100 moments of growth. And at the end of the day, you can see how many you completed through the course of the day.

But here’s where people go wrong:

The Challenge is not about being strategic and assigning yourself a certain number of reps for each moment. And it’s not about setting a clock and doing it every 20 minutes until you hit all 100 moments.

The goal is to become aware of your time, to notice when you have chances for growth, and to push yourself in those moments with what feels best for you. It’s about awareness and growth in the moment rather than overcoming preplanned obstacles.

It’s about recognizing when you have moments of opportunity – maybe waiting for dinner to be done cooking, getting up to go to the bathroom, commercial breaks while watching TV. They are all short moments that could be used productively.

The Grid 100 is about finding 100 moments each day to grow. And this week, we are growing through exercises. 

So the goal this week is to complete the Grid 100.  But since one day of that’s too easy for the UGL Nation, we are setting the challenge to finish it 3x.  So right now (yes, this very second) pick 3 days this week that you will tackle the The Grid 100.  And then choose which exercise will match with each of those 3 days.

Here are your exercises.  Pick the one that you can do with proper form and will still push you forward.

Day 1: Squats OR Squat Jumps 

Day 2: Pushups OR Hindu Pushups 

Day 3:Tuck Jumps OR Rollie Knee Tucks 

Remember, the goal is to find moments in your day that can be turned into times of growth. And this week, growing means working and maybe a lil’ sweating.

Don’t forget to download The Grid 100 Tracker to help count your moments! 

So this week, take on The Grid 100 (and then do it again 2 more times).   It’s only 3 times. How hard can it really be?

The Grid 100 Tracker



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