The 5 Things Successful People Do While You’re Still Hitting the Snooze.

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Einstein, Mother Theresa and Beyonce all had the same 24 hours in the day that we do.

We think it can’t possibly be true when we compare what they could accomplish in a week vs what we do – but facts are facts.

The difference between someone who can sell millions, create a company, travel around the world and still spend time with their family – all in one week – and the week you just had?

They set themselves up every single day for success.

They have found the formula that works for them and know how to start their day off in the exact way to maximize their time, their energy and their mindset.

And lucky for us – we can steal their habits.  According to the research, here are the things the most successful executives do every single morning.


1. They wake up early.

In one poll, 90% of successful executives wake up BEFORE 6AM on weekdays. And the uber successful seem to get up even earlier – PepsiCo CEP Indra Nooyi wakes up at 4AM and Disney CEO Bob Iger – 4:30am just to have time to read or workout.  

Bob Iger of Disney

Why are they earlier risers?

When you can’t control how the rest of your day will go (you know, people always end up screwing things up and throwing problems into your laps), start your day early in order to get done exactly what you need to before it comes to the control of those around you.

CHALLENGE: Don’t hit snooze.

Set your alarm for earlier than you need. Get your backside out of bed and spend an extra 30 minutes in the morning doing something PRODUCTIVE (it’s not about being busy – it’s about making the most of that time with something important). Accomplish your most important task (even if it’s just self care) first thing in the morning before you lose the time for it. 


2. They drink water (and coffee).

Sure, most executives are so busy that they rely on caffeine to make it through their days. But an interesting report revealed that the majority of successful executives first start their day with water. Huff Post founder and Birchbox CEO both start their days with a glass of hot water.   Strange – but it works. 

Arianna Huffington drinking hot water as he morning successful habit

CHALLENGE: Drink a glass of water before you do anything else.  Seriously, keep it next to your alarm. Wake up and chug the thing.

The execs took this from the pros – while you sleep, your body gets dehydrated. You wake in desperate need of water, but we have trained our bodies not to crave it until later in the day.  When you wake, replenish the hydration immediately and you’re already setting up your metabolism and your energy for the entire day.


3. They schedule exercise.

When you’ve got hundreds of employees, dozens of major projects and you never know what any day could throw into your lap – the only way to make sure you have time for fitness is to fit in the schedule.   Gary Vee starts his day with an hour of training – and his day is so swamped he schedules 4 minute meetings just to fit everything else in.

Gary Vaynerchuck

CHALLENGE: Schedule your fitness.   Put in your phone or write it on the calendar.  Really – make it physically visible so you know you can’t cancel. 

Don’t leave it up to chance that you might squeeze it in. Know each day exactly what time you’ll be hitting the gym. And if you aren’t sure if you can fit them in your crazy days – train first thing in the morning during that extra time you’ve given yourself in the morning. 


4. They make their beds.

Okay, they don’t always make their beds themselves. But they get the importance of organization and small wins.

Making your bed is the easiest one minute habit that can make you more productive all day long. Because you already started your day with a victory (no matter how small). And even if these uber successful execs aren’t making their own beds – they are investing in someone to do it for them.  That’s because they care. 

CHALLENGE: Make your bed every day. 

If you don’t already, you should. It’s an automatic win for the entire day. Plus, when you come home late ready to crash, there’s nothing more welcoming than a made bed.


5. They prioritize email.

One study found that the very first thing executives do in the morning (after they drink water) is check email. But they aren’t responding to those emails – they are prioritizing. Delegating out small tasks and preparing to see which big tasks or issues they will need to tackle that day.  They organize their email in order to organize the rest of the day.

CHALLENGE: Prioritize your morning – whether that’s with email or with your daily schedule.

Don’t spend too long on this. Take 5 minutes and review what you need to review.   Don’t act – this 5 minutes is just to set your plan for what you need to tackle in the day.


If it’s working for the millionaires, then there’s a chance we can get some benefit from them too, right?  Give it a try for one week – let us know what you think!


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