3 Ways to Stop Eating When You’re Bored



I am bored, therefore I eat.

It’s the rule of thumb for so many of us.

When there’s nothing else to do, not other way to spend our time – we turn to food as entertainment.  We’re hardwired to seek out some source of stimulation, and one of the easiest things to turn to is food.

But the endless snacking during movies, the grazing every time you walk through the kitchen and the plates of food always around will eventually catch up to us.

So we’ve got to find a way to do something different.  To stop our mindless eating. 


Here are 3 things you can try to stop the boredom based chow sessions:


1. Schedule regular excitement

Routine is good. But if you’re easily tempted to the fridge when you’re bored, your body is screaming out for some kind of stimulation. Instead of waiting until it’s too late and turning to mindless snacking, schedule something new into your days.

It can be simple, like blocking off 15 minutes to go for a walk or to call a friend. Or you can get wild and schedule something adventurous like go-karting or painting. And if your boredom hits usually when you’re at work – those afternoon slumps – schedule a meeting you typically look forward to during those times.

When you’re interested in what is happening, you’re not going to be tempted to eat out of boredom.

Bored Eating Man on the couch with candy

2. Don’t keep junk food around you

This is simple, if you’re bored and it’s there, you’re going to grab it and eat it. If you’re bored and your only option is ingredients that go toward dinner tonight, you probably won’t start chopping veggies and marinating meat quite so quick.   

eating when you're bored

3. Always eat something healthy first

If you aren’t willing to eat cucumbers and celery, then you really aren’t hungry. So if you head to the fridge, set a routine to always start with something healthy, like raw veggies.   If you aren’t willing to eat them, you probably don’t have real physical hunger. You have a craving  -and those come from boredom.

Bored eating veggie strips

Got any other great ideas?  Add them in the comments below!


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