3 Training Mistakes that Stop Your Progress

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I get it.

You want results. You want to lose fat, build muscles, get fast or something else just as admirable.

And you hunt down info online, you ask the beefy guy at the gym for tips and you find a training program you’re ready to follow.

Sounds great.


You’re not seeing progress. Awesome. Waste of energy, right?

We know results don’t happen overnight, but come on… you’re starting to lose motivation to keep trying.

Well, your lack of progress could come from one of these 3 common training mistakes.



There are about a zillion and one training programs out there. Get shredded, beef up, slim down – you just have your pick your poison.

But with so many choices, it’s easy to be tempted off your current program in search of the next shiny object. You might spend 3 days on one plan, jump to another for a week, and then it’s already on again to the next.


In order to see any progress, you have to give the plan time to work (and more importantly, time for your body to change. You can’t overcome physiology overnight.

SOLUTION: Find a program to seems to support your goals. One that has some kind of an expert or professional behind it. And dedicate a full 6 weeks to it.   At the end of 6 weeks, modify your plan slightly or jump ship to something you think will work better.



I get it. There’s strength and conditioning, circuit training, resistance, powerlifting, Crossfit, yada, yada, yada.   And we think that the more we do – the better right? This that and the kitchen sink all has some benefits, so why not do them all?

Big mistake.

Just like you need to commit to a program for long enough, you need to commit to a program (read that – singular).   Programs are called programs because they are build and designed to supplement form day to day. Training one method one day and a whole other school of thought another day might get you sweaty and sore – but there no system for results.

Programs are designed for progress. There’s a difference between exercising and training with a program.

SOLUTION: Do a little research on what school of fitness though you support and what works well for your body and your goals. Make a choice on an approach and stick to that one program. That doesn’t mean you can’t attend a Zumba class every once in awhile – but know that a program is a program for a reason.




If you’re not tracking anything how can you even tell that you’re making progress, that your program is working?

You don’t have to become a numbers addict – but tracking a few things will help you know if your program is working and how you need to make modifications in the future.

SOLUTION: Get a journal, join Evernote or find some way to keep all your tracking information together. Then decide what is important to you and track it. If you want to lose fat – get your body fat measurements done monthly and track your food intake in between. If you want to track strength, max out on reps every 6 weeks and track your sets, reps and weights in between.

We have to track more than the major milestones. Seeing the trends in between those milestones (like daily weights or food intake) can be the key to know why you aren’t seeing progress.


If you caught yourself making these mistakes and you’re not sure how to swing the progress back, let us know!  We’re only experts because we’ve made all the mistakes too. 

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