15 Fitness Myths, Half-Truths and Lies – Exposed



Exposing the truth that the fitness industry doesn’t tell you 

 We know the fitness world is clouded with crap. And lies. And crappy lies. And that some of that junk has been so overstated that people start to believe it. But we are ready to eliminate the BS and bring you the truth. The truths that no one wants to tell you about.

Fitness Myths graphic Fitness Myths graphic

No pain, no gain is crap. You can’t measure the efficacy of a workout based on how much you sweat or how sore you are 5 days later. Effective programs are based on a systematic workout to progress your strength and increase your intensity. But that doesn’t mean you always need to end the workout in the fetal position on the floor. And the workouts that do end like that aren’t necessarily better than a workout with a few reps at a heavy weight or slow and controlled movements.

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number 14Fitness Myths

You don’t need a coach or a gym to get in shape. You are perfectly capable of doing push-ups, squats, and sprints at home. But are you going to? Heck no! People pay for gyms and coaches because they know that with a little extra help, they will get to their fitness goals faster (and more efficiently). Sure, you could spend hours of time researching what most effective exercises are and building a programming plan based on periodization. Or you could go see a trainer. Someone that has 15 years of knowledge and experience and already knows how to get you to your goals. That price tag brings along accountability, compassion, education, motivation, social support and drive. If you don’t need those, then feel free to stay home and kick butt on your own!

number 13Fitness Myths-2

BMI numbers are junk. Your Body Mass Index is the calculation of your weight divided by the square of your height. Unfortunately, our medical and health industries use this measure to tell you whether you are “healthy.” But this crappy measurement misses the mark big time. It doesn’t take into account your activity, your diet or the most important measurable number – your body fat. So quit obsessing about your BMI and get your body fat measurements taken.

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number 12 Fitness Myths-3

If you quit working out, your muscle will NOT turn to fat. Because muscle can’t physiologically turn to fat. Muscle and fat cells are completely different. If you quit strength training, you lose your muscle mass. And because you are probably a bit lazier and following a less nutritious diet, your fat cells grow in size. Two separate processes that overall make you lose muscle and increase fat. But one doesn’t turn into the other.

number 11 Fitness Myths-4

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More is not better. You heard it. Working out more often will not get you to your results faster (within reason). I know, for those of you committed to change, it feels counter intuitive. But you need to build in rest. Your muscles need time to recover and grow. And they only do that while you rest. If you are balls to wall every day of the week, your muscles will continue to break down rather than repair. So force yourself to build in rest. Better yet, schedule 1 day per week to focus on mobility and flexibility!

number 10 Fitness Myths- 5

Stretching isn’t going to give you long and lean muscles. Your muscles really have very little capacity for lengthening – after all, you can’t physically change where your muscle begins and ends. But resistance training can lengthen your muscle ever so slightly. But stretching does not. So why do you stretch? To increase your flexibility and range of motion for exercises. And yes, too much or too little flexibility can stunt your fitness potentials.number nine Fitness Myths- 6

Ab exercises aren’t going to get you abs. Abs are your stabilizer muscles. They are most efficiency engaged when you squat, pull up, and dead-lift. And you are only going to see those strong abs if you burn the fat stores sitting on top of them! And to burn that fat cover up, you need a solid nutrition plan and high intensity exercise. So put your energy into your meals rather than those crunches.

number 8 Fitness Myths -7

Research agrees. You are like those you surround yourself with. So if your closest circle of friends couldn’t care less about the different between a dead-lift and an RDL, you are in for some challenges with your own fitness goals. Does this mean ditch your friends that aren’t fitness junkies? No. But make sure you start building friendships with those that do care about their health!

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number 7

Muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat.  Shocking. One pound of muscle equals one pound of fat. The difference? Muscle is denser than fat. That means that one pound of muscle takes up less physical space than that lumpy fat. Doesn’t make sense? Think about potatoes. One pound of raw potatoes is the same weight as one pound of country crock lumpy butter mashed potatoes. I would rather have a tight firm, raw potato backside than a lumpy bumpy mash.

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number 6

Those “newest and greatest” fat loss claims work. Yep. For a very short time. Why? Because every single one of them manipulates your food intake. Nutrition is key for weight and fat loss. And when you cut your diet in half, greatly restrict your calories and live on only lemon juice and cayenne pepper for weeks on end, your body will lose weight. In the beginning. But that weight loss only lasts for a very short time. Then you bounce back. And because you starved your body, you start storing more fat than you did before. Welcome yo-yo dieters.

number 5

Fitness Myths debunked

Consistency matters more than any exercise or training program you follow.  Anything will work for the short term. You could truly follow almost any program and see results. But will those results stick? And will you keep progressing? Only if you are ready to stay consistent. Anyone could power through P90X. A 90 day commitment isn’t hard. But to follow that program for 90 years is a different thing entirely.

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number 4 You been lied to about fitness

Fitness is a long process. Yep. It will pretty much take your whole life. That’s because health and fitness is a lifestyle. You don’t ever hit the point where you say “Welp, cross fitness off the bucket list because I already did that.” Nope. Once you get the body you want, you still have to work to keep it! So prepare yourself for the long haul!

number 3

number three reason debunked graphic


You can’t spot reduce fat with specific exercises. Trust me, crunches aren’t going to reduce your belly fat. You CAN however lose fat in specific areas by balancing your hormones. Your hormones tell your body where to carry fat, and if they are out of whack, you could carry more fat in those specific areas. When you balance the hormones, you are likely to first lose fat in the area that was carrying more than it should have been. But spot reduction through exercise – nope, that doesn’t work.

number 2number two reason debunked graphic

There is no perfect diet and workout program. There are thousands of options. The perfect one for you is the one that you are willing to commit to. So don’t try to follow the high and mighty training program if you won’t stick with it for more than 3 weeks. Your way is probably not the best way, but it’s the better way than no way.

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number one reason number one reason debunked

For 99% of people, the reason you aren’t losing weight is yourself. Yes, I know that is a harsh truth. But no one made you eat that donut that was brought into the office. No one made you skip the gym to respond to Facebook posts. If you want to get in shape and transform your body, you will have to take ownership of it. Understand your role in your goals and how you restrict yourself! Donuts and Facebook will always be there. You just have to learn to trust in yourself and commit to your goals. They might be cold or harsh, but they are the truth. And we tell you because we care.

Need more truths about fitness and weight loss? 

Yes, your leggings are see through when you squat.

No, all vegetables were not created equal.

No, soy protein is not a good alternative to whey protein.

Yes, you need to eat the egg yolk.

No, cleanse products will not get you results faster.

No, a Powerbar is not better than a meal made with real ingredients.

No, you don’t need to do cardio before weights.

No, not all caffeine is bad for you. Coffee has plenty of positive health effects.

Yes, there are “good” fats and yes, you can overeat them.

Yes, you can eat more than chicken and broccoli and still lose weight.

Yes, you need to eat more than 1200 calories per day.

Yes, you have to do more than the elliptical to transform your body.

No, not everything you do counts as exercise

No, your workout is not burning as many calories as you think.

No, there is no “best” time to exercise.

Let me ask you. Are there any topics you’d like us to ‘Debunk?’ If so, we’d be more than happy to shed some light on the topic of choice…

Simply leave a comment below! And we’ll give ya our two cents!




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