Who we are:

The Underground Lab is more than a fitness studio or training space. We are a community of Undergrounders seeking to make big life changes through small steps in health and fitness. Our team of trainers and coaches are passionately dedicated and driven by a genuine compassion for helping others achieve success. Through our authentic, addictive and result-driven training programs, we have fostered a close-knit community of Undergrounders motivated to boost their performance where they live, work, and play.

What we do:

We change lives through innovation, education and unmatched support. We consistently bring fun and energetic programs that you can’t find anywhere else. But we do more than just lead you through a workout. We teach you how your workout moves you closer to your goals, help break your big ambitions down into small phases and walk with you every step of the way. We foster relationships with each of our members to better know you as a person first and a client second. By caring about our members and their successes, we encourage you to challenge the boundaries you have set for yourself. We are your source of support, knowledge and motivation to make big changes in a fun, progressive and relentless way.

How we are different:

Here at the Underground Lab, we stir things up. Our training programs are founded on the SPE System, a nationally recognized program created by our team of devoted coaches. This program is elite, but it’s a program for everyone. From those just starting their first workout to the seasoned athletes, we have shown that the SPE System can work to move anyone closer to their goals. But we’re known for more than our premier and creative training. We pride ourselves on giving back to our members and community, creating relationships that matter outside of the Lab, and using progressive research to drive our fitness practices. We set the new standard for what makes a gym or studio into a fitness home.

We are the choice for you:

The Underground Lab could be your forever fitness home. We have the tools and support to help you move closer toward your health and fitness goals. And because we value our relationships over profits, we’re dedicated to growing with you. To maintaining our high standards and bringing you cutting edge, original and advancing programs to meet your ever-changing fitness goals and needs. We will always seek to stay ahead of the game, in front of the crowd and outside of the box to keep your fitness success evolving.

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Meet The Team

“The Strength of the Team is each member. The strength of each member is the team”- Phil Jacskon