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Between the award-winning coaches, result-driven workouts, fun, and welcoming environment, it will be unlike any workout you've ever experienced before and one you can't live without. 

The One Week Orientation* is a great first step for any Underground Lab newcomers. Over the week, you will get to experience unlimited fitness modules powered by our very own SPE System which consists of Strength, Power, Athletic Endurance, and more! Upon the conclusion of your first week, the UGL staff will help you determine the best path forward for your goals, training preferences, and exercise history!

* Local residents only.

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Sign up for a membership at the end of your Orientation and orientation payment will be apply to your first month!




It’s all about you! Enjoy the personal attention of our one-on-one training sessions based on your unique goals. If you are a beginner or need that extra push, our certified personal trainers will create a workout plan tailored to you. More advanced, sharpen your skills and learn technical movements from the experts.



    Small Group Training offers the best of both worlds, a group session and personal training. With a group of 5 or less, our trainers will be able to help you take your fitness goals to the next level. Get sweaty with a group of your friends or make some new ones!


    Fitness Modules are our version of what you may call a class. Fitmods are hands down the ultimate large group training experience. We lift, we sprint, we jump, squat, hurdle, throw, slam and flip things and do moves you've probably never even seen before. These sessions are scientifically designed to increase your overall athleticism, build muscles, shed fat and burn a ton of calories all in just 45 minutes!

    The Underground Lab is more than a fitness studio or training space. We are a community of Undergrounders seeking to make big life changes through small steps in health and fitness. Our team of trainers are passionately dedicated and driven by a genuine compassion for helping others achieve success. Through our authentic, addictive and result-driven training programs, we have fostered a close-knit community of undergrounders motivated to boost their performance where they live, work, and play. We are here for people who want to put in the work and fall in love with the process.  In a nutshell, We help busy and dedicated individuals become healthier and fitter so that you can feel sexy and happy doing what they you enjoy doing!

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